Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" symbolism video review

Lady Gaga’s lastest video released today June 8, 2010. “Alejandro”.

In this video there are MANY obvious things that are relevant to religion..It just takes about 3 watch and make sure you analyze things carefully.

1. The Beginning.
Here you see a triangle on the left and a star on the right. If you studied the Holocaust you’d realize that the star is VERY familiar. It is the star Jews wore during WW2 when Hitler was in reign. The Star of David. Going beyond that point in history, (in the Bible) Jews were considered “The Chosen One’s.” by God. I mean there is MANY different religions why put the symbol of the Jews?

What do you get when you combine to triangles?

You get THIS.
The Triangle symbolizes the “Illuminati” 2 triangles = The Star of David (shown above.) Done on purpose? or just a innocent coincidence?
In all black. Who’s death?
One of the main senses is being covered. Is she deceiving her audience with who she really is?
2. Futher into the video.
Going more into the video we finally see this. Doesn’t it look like her outfit is portraying a Nun’s? Definition of a Nun (A nun is a woman who has taken special vows committing her to a religious life.) Notice how the dress of the outfit is red. What the color red means in Christianity(In Christianity, Satan is usually depicted as colored red and/or wearing a red.) So Gaga saying she is an Anti-Christ?

At this moment of the video she is saying ““Stop please just let me go..ALEJANDRO..just let me go.” There is no person in this video depicting “Alejandro ” and won’t release her…So WHO is this Alejandro and why can’t she be released?
Now the Rosary she had across her waist is now in her hands. A rosary is a religious item don’t you think its disrespectful having such a item across your waist?
You see her now putting the Rosary in her mouth as IF she is eating it. Rosaries are for PRAYING not eating.


What’s that behind her? Looks like fire or a big explosion. Do you notice that throughout this video she’s literally covered in red? And a cross on herleft sleeve.

4. The Dance

I find it strange how the formation of their dancing is in a triangle and she’s in the middle… Middle of what? The music industry? Is she the one who holds it all together?
A closer look in the men have a RED band on their left jacket sleeve. So did the Nazi’s the one’s who killed/murdered the Jews.
5. Towards the Ending
She is singing and there is a cross behind her.. For what reason? Decoration maybe? But there’s many better decos. that could be used for her video..Why a cross?
Enjoying music may distract you from the obvious symbols..keep your eyes open.
Uh oh, Gaga. What now?

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