Mommy's notes. :))

K, so Mom posted this note near our kitchen a few weeks ago for Dad. Why? Cuz Daddy always forgot to close the faucet, leaving it open and the water continues to flow. I always catch Daddy forget to close the faucet, and I would always complain to Mom. That’s why one morning, when I was about to wash my face, I saw that note. When Daddy saw that posted near the faucet, he laughed. =)))))
What’s funny is Mom’s illustration of a smiling face. The dot in the middle is the nose. And the eyes? LOL. Ka-level ng nose yung eyes, and nasa labas ng smile yung eyes. Banlag? XD Hahahahaha. I guess I’ll need to teach Mom how to draw a smiling face.Second is Mom’s last few words sa note, “HaHaHa tuwang tuwa ako”. She mentioned kasi on the note, “galit na ako!”. Then, binawi sa hulihan. Hahahahaha. Why? Coz she can never get angry of my Dad. And that’s the sweet part of this funny note. :)

Now, I found another note by Mom for Dad this morning. This time, it’s for Daddy’s habit of opening our screen. Since tag-ulan na, madami na namang lamok, and uso na naman daw ang dengue. My sister and I hates it when Dad opens the screen (aside from the door, of course), kasi he leaves it that way hanggang gabi, or minsan til midnight! Eh ang lamok kapag gabi and umuulan diba. Kaya, nagrereklamo kami kay Mommy. She hates it also when Dad leaves the screen like that. Plus, ayaw niya din kasi papasok yung mga lamok sa bahay. We hate mosquito bites. And ayaw namin ng dengue sa bahay. :|
Kaya naman, while I was sleeping, nagspray ng anti-mosquito thingy si Mommy, since natutulog pa ko sa taas, and Dad and my sister went out for office and school. When I woke up and went downstairs, I saw this note and laughed. =))))
Daddy saw this a while ago when he came home from the office. He read it. Ang pagkakabasa pa niya, “Wag po buksan ang screen nakapagspray na po. Wag po papasukin ang DADDY”, and I laughed aloud! Hahahahaha. It’s ‘DENGUE’, not’DADDY’ like what he read. =))) Akala niya daw, wag siyiang papapasukin. Kinuwento ko kay Mommy and tawa siya ng tawa. Then sinabi niya kay Daddy, “Pwede ba namang hindi kita papapasukin?? Eh di wala na akong kayakap?” See how sweet my Mom is. :”>
And now for the funny part again. Hahahaha! Notice Mom’s smiley again? LOL. Nagimprove. Tama na yung place ng mata. But this time, may thick eyebrows naman, and may dimples pa. Oha!??? Hahahaha. Beat that! :P

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