So this is the first half of the paper I got after our activity. I’m surprised yet happy with what my classmates and blockmates wrote about my positive traits. :”>
We were asked to describe ourselves in a word or two and write it below our name. I can’t think of anything so I just wrote, “Late sleeper”, which is true. But then those guys wrote something next to it! “Late sleeper” —>”oo nga :D” and “TAMAAA….” =))))
From left to right:
  • Kapatid ng comp hehe
  • Good listener =)
  • mabait po ikaw :)
  • understanding =)
  • mysterious.
  • supportive ^_~
  • mabait
  • Kind
  • techy
  • Picture picture! hahaha
  • Mabait
  • Kulit in a nice way
  • happy go lucky and sweet ♥
  • napakabait
  • kamukha ng ate ko nyahahahaha….>
  • Beautiful inside and out (yeeeeee :”>)

So here’s the second part of the paper I got after our activity.
From left to right again:
  • mabait
  • mabait @ easy to get along with
  • mabait, tahimik pero astig =)
  • ok kasama, mabait
  • mabait
  • mabait
  • mabait, tahimik at mukhang makulit…
  • mabait, simple, ayos lang, matahimik.
  • Mabait
  • Tahimik
  • understanding, good friend, patient ♥

So over all, the activity turned fun. Well, as for me. It’s the second time that we had this kind of activity wherein the whole class on that subject will write down what they think about you. Whether positive or negative. What’s flattering is that most of my classmates would write the word “mabait” or “nice”, and secondly was “masaya/masarap kasama”. I didn’t know my classmates appreciate me and would find me as someone who is kind, nice, and easy to get along with—as for my positive traits, according to them. When it comes to my negative trait, all they would write about was “LATE”. LOL. 90% of my classmate wrote that on my paper last sem. I was just laughing when I’ve read all the things they wrote on the negative column of my paper. All I could ever read was all about myself being late. :)
You know sometimes, a person needs to feel he/she is appreciated once in a while. Whether be it from your family, friends, special someone, neighbor, classmate, or from someone whom you barely even know and you just met on that class or something. It’s healthy for us to feel accepted, appreciated, and most especially—loved. I am thankful for the people who appreciate and love me. Really. Because I am never that kind of person who does something just to be liked by everyone, just to belong. Never. I prefer to be that someone who isreal. Honest and vocal about what I feel, in a good way. Because being who you are, is one of the best asset a person can have, without having a hard time. Thank God for these people who accepted and loved me for who I am. :)

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