Laid-back Doer | Career

The Laid-back Doer is an extroverted Doer. You don’t enjoy being alone, but are a typical team worker instead. You would not stand working all by yourself. Dealing with other people, communicating as well as a friendly, collegial atmosphere is more important for you than for most of the other types. You love being part of a group where variety and the new are inspirational and exciting - so there are never enough social contacts.

For you, harmony is of central importance. You prefer a work environment without intrigues and political manipulation and where less elbow activities and confrontation, and more cooperation are the order of the day. Here is one of your major strengths: You are prepared to do a lot, mediate conflicts, reduce tensions, and are in top form when you are part of a positive working climate. To spread geniality and make peace among the worst troublemakers is often easy for you. Consequently, you are appreciated by colleagues and superiors, and have almost no problem getting along with the diverse people in your working environment.

Rather than too much routine and predictability, you need variety, and a certain amount of unpredictability as a part of your responsibilities at work. Your flexibility makes it easy for you to deal with several projects simultaneously. It does not bother you if the phone rings and somebody sticks his head through the door while you are in the middle of preparing a report. You juggle several activities synchronistically without a problem, and during your contacts with others you always remain friendly and obliging. It is a long time before one hears a cross word or any sign of excessive demand out of you.On the contrary, these situations are the icing on the cake for you, and without them your work is going to get boring in a hurry.

Then it can happen that you - wittingly or unwittingly- provoke a crisis by putting things off or becoming lackadaisical. In this way, you are trying to create a little more action during your daily routine. In the long run, you just can’t live without a certain amount of pressure, challenge, and excitement. There is certainly the possibility that these maneuvers occasionally backfire. Therefore, it is very important for you to make sure that adventure, fun, and the need for fast decisions are an integral part of your job description from the very beginning. The more unpredictable situations, alternatives for choice, and new impressions you have to face every day, the better.

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