Laid-back Doer | Happiness

The iPersonic personality system can substantially contribute to a fulfilling career and a satisfying relationship. But it can do much more. With iPersonic, you have the key to substantially improving your happiness level practically in reach. Now it all depends on identifying and acting on the characteristics of your personality type to bring about important and appropriate thought and behavioral changes. Since we all begin from different positions, it should be obvious that different strategies apply to each one of us. That is exactly the purpose of your personal iPersonic Life Coach eBook.

Happiness counselors dealing with these subjects and providing well-meaning advice for the masses are already a-dime-a-dozen. The problem is that—all too frequently—the recipient will only be able to apply a small portion of the offered wisdom for practical applications in his/her everyday life. After all, consultants must address as large an audience as possible and that is naturally at the expense of the individual. On the subject of happiness and life-shaping, the individual personality type is crucial for which “happiness strategies” are suitable and successful, and which are not.

A simple example: It has been proven that regular exercise and athletic activities are just as effective against depression as are the best presently available anti- depression drugs. Accordingly, the advice by all happiness counselors is: “Do you exercise regularly?” Why are so few people successful in permanently integrating the happiness promoting effects of regular physical activities into their every day life? Simple enough—because they don’t know their personal traits and prerequisites well enough, and therefore frequently attempt to be physically active against instead of in concert with their nature! Sooner or later failure is pre-ordained. The same also applies to many other happiness research findings. This is why we developed an iPersonic eBook that focuses on your very personal happiness strategy.

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