Laid-back Doer | Love

Your type’s trademark is “easygoing.” That applies to love just as to the rest of your life. For you, it is important that your partnership is a source of fun, excitement and inspiration. With a sentence like: “I think it is time for us to be working on our relationship again”, you can be chased out of the house in a hurry. You want to enjoy and not strain yourself, preferably with a partner who feels exactly the same way - someone who is as similar as possible, and with whom you have the least sources of friction.

Your disposition is warm, generous, and passionate. No wonder many people fall hopelessly in love with your charisma! Contrary to some other Doers, you have no problem expressing your feelings verbally, as well. Vivacious as you are, you are also capable of falling in love head over heels, with an unrivaled intensity. Whoever becomes the object of your love is showered with attention, declarations of love, and tenderness. You are not fond of boundaries, and your affection for someone is boundless and boisterous - as long as it lasts - because (and that is the flipside of the coin) only very few types manage to fascinate you and keep your interest in the long term.

For you, there always has to be a little of the “magic,” a little of the enchantment of your relationship’s beginning. Otherwise, you quickly get bored and begin looking for a new challenge. Literature describes you as the type who is most likely to flirt with an affair if the titillation of love is not fresh any longer. Consequently, your partner is well advised to accept your passionate protestations about your eternal love with a certain skepticism: Even if you know that everything is going to stay that way for the rest of your life, for people of your type “forever” is better interpreted as “for now.” However, as long as you are happy with him/her your partner can literally bathe in your love and will in all likelihood have problems catching his/her breath, sexually as well. Your charisma and tendency for being extravagant turn you into an almost irresistible seducer.


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