Good things

I had a nap earlier this afternoon. When I woke up, Mom handed me this thing. A rectangular shape made of thick paper, covered by a tissue paper, with Dad’s handwriting on it. I was wondering what this is. but then when I peeked inside it, I saw a few bucks of dollars inside. Hahaha. I laughed. it was Dad’s weird idea of putting those bucks—in a tissue paper I am laughing at. :))

But anyway, it was so sweet of Dad to give this to us. Though I don’t know how much is inside that tissue paper. Thank God, for this blessing. Even though I don’t have that much money in my wallet now, and it’s the start of our sembreak, Dad sent us some. So I’d still have money this sembreak! :">

My Dad is awesome. He is simply the best. I super love him!

Mae-mae is my nickname. Only my family calls me this.

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