Here at school.

Our defense for our thesis in Filipino is done. Thank God, we will not need to defend it again. But the sad part is the major revision. Urgh. This will mean more late nights for thesis. More effort to improve and finish our thesis. :(

This week will be really busy for us. Since this the week before final exams. We will all be busy with our term papers, thesis, defense, projects, and stuff. Oh God. :(

I have a free time now actually. Every Mondays and Wednesdays, I have 4 1/2 hours of free time. I have no classes on Friday, but we have a make up class for Economics. Supposed to be, we should have a make up class for Business Law too, since my professor was always absent for some reasons. I have Saturday classes. And on Sunday, it will be my school work-day. Meaning I have to finish everything on that day and review for the upcoming major examination. Hopefully, konti na lang yung exam namin, since we all are dealing with a lot of paper works. To lessen our burden naman. :(

Thank God, I am done with our term paper for E-commerce. I am done with my part for our project on MIS. Also done with our term paper and defense for Labor Relations Management. I just have to finish our Financial Plan for Finance, Term Paper for Quantitative Techniques on Business, and Major Revision for our Thesis on Filipino. This semester is really loaded with school works. Thanks to that ELGA system which is being tested on our school, and which eventually will take place and be applied to all De La Salle Schools in the Philippines. Imagine, sa dinami dami ng school at university ng La Salle, bakit samin pa tinesting yang epal na ELGA na yan. ELGA system is the newest addition to our curriculum thingy. Puro papers, FYI. Even mathematics subjects now have a thesis or term paper, so just imagine the hard work.

Next semester, we will also have a thesis. We have this subject called Methods of Research thingy which will involve a thesis thingo again. Plus, I’ll be taking up in advance the subject Law on Negotiable Instruments. We also have Management Accounting, another Marketing subject, and 5 or 6 subjects more. I’ll be having 27 units next semester. I thought it was only 21 but then others said it’s 27. 3 units each subject so that’s a lot. 9 all in all. :(

Urgh. This hard work should really pay off someday. Just got to. :|

Anyway, I’ll have to finish my homework for QuanTech. Haven’t done it yet for I was too busy thinking about other paper works. be back later. :)

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