I guess... Facebook helps too.

I logged on to my private account at Facebook and saw that I got 2 new mails. I checked my inbox and saw these 2—the first one came from my elementary classmate and the second one came from my favorite teacher ever (she’s my adviser during 4th grade).
I super miss my favorite teacher. She treats me like her younger sister. I remember calling her anytime I have a problem or something to share to her (since we’re really close, I can tell anything to her and she always helps me in anything!). Then she stopped teaching at my school during elementary days (idk how old I am during that time), but still we had a communication, which is through landline. Hahaha!
But, there came a time na we both do not have time to talk to each other. She also got a work that time, and I reached highschool already. It was just now that we had a chance to talk to each other again. Thanks to Facebook. According to her, I was one of the first people from our batch whom she searched for at Facebook, but she can’t find me because there’s a lot of people who has the same name with me. HAHAHA. Daaaarn. D:
But anyway, it was really nice to reconnect with people you used to get along with from the past. We-ell, I can say that Facebook could help sometimes too. :)

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