Not bad for an early bird for the first time

I woke up really early this morning because today’s the day for the enrollment of our college. By 5 am, I am already awake (I was in bed by 11 something, but I fell asleep by 12:30 am I think, I can’t sleep), then by 6 am, I am on my way to school. By 6:30 am, I reached the school grounds. It was really unusual of me to be early. I was so proud of myself. Because I am at the school that early, while others are still on their bed, sleeping. LOL.

I realized I was really early. The counters are open by 8 in the morning. So I had to wait 1 and a half hour for them to open. The whole time, I was really sleepy and my head’s really aching. I waited a few hours. But it was worth the wait for I got my registration form by 8:30 something. By 9 am, I am on my way home. :)

Well. For most universities, it is not that easy when it comes to enrollment, like what I’ve experienced for the past semesters. That’s why I really needed to be an early bird. Thank God, I made it. :)

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