Cheer and Dance Practice Day 10

Just got home. I am very tired. Bruises in my legs, getting darker and still counting every day. Ugh. Hot compress, hot compress. :|

Tried to give my best today, although I cannot even move much because I am lacking energy. I blame our hectic schedule because of our practice, pressure from school, and very minimal time to sleep.

It’s hard, but I wanted this. So I’ll go for it. Pressure is getting bigger more and more each day.

After practice, went on a joy ride/road trip with friends. Ate at a friend’s house till we forgot the time. By 11:30, we’re already on our way home. Good thing, a friend brought along his car and offered a ride home since it is really late.

Okay now, I gotta sleep. Really. Goodnight. Long day tomorrow. Got a practice at 1 pm onwards, but we won’t skip Managerial Accounting class (1:00-2:30). KBYE.

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