Cheer and Dance Practice Day 11

Why all of a sudden my body becomes weak. My head aches. My body is feeling hot. I can't barely move. Why oh why, now that the "big day" is getting nearer and nearer each and every day, here comes sickness which according to some is due to over fatigue. Urgh. Last night, I got home and I really felt that I would be sick since my body was so weak and still aching. I woke up by 2 or 3 am, with my head aching and body feeling so hot. I honestly wouldn't want to go to school earlier, but I have to, because of Managerial Accounting. Can't afford to miss a class anymore.

Earlier, I cannot force myself to rehearse for the dance. I am still feeling weak, although I am feeling a lot better now, compared to that when I woke up. Thank God, I am feeling better now, although my head still aches and my body is feeling weak. I really do hope I can make it for the practice tomorrow so that my sacrifices for this cheer dance won't be put to waste. Lord, I know You will not let me down and You'll give me the strength I will need for the coming days. I trust You, thank You.

K, goodnight. Will need to rest now so I'll recover faster.

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