Cheer and Dance Practice Day 12

Failed to attend the practice for today. Still sick, and Mom and I decided to just rest so that I can make it to the event and perform. Was asleep almost the whole day. Been sleeping and taking medicines to that I can make it to the rehearsal tomorrow. Feeling better now compared yesterday, though my legs still hurt.

Mom was busy taking care of me. She even offered and bought me foods I am craving for--sweets. She also ordered for a McDonald's meal so that I can eat more. Since I kinda lost my appetite. The foods I am eating tastes bitter so I don't enjoy eating them. Thank God, I am feeling better now, and Mom is being too sweet to me. Last night, I complained that my legs hurt and she offered to give me a massage. Then she also massaged my head since it really hurts. Although I enjoy what Mom is doing, like taking care of me like a baby, I don't wanna be sick anymore. I wanna get well asap.

Will sleep now... Goodnight. I am really hoping that I'll be better tomorrow. :)

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