Cheer and Dance Practice Day 2

Muscle pain, you ruined our day very much. We haven't recovered yet from what we experienced from yesterday and now, we had too much for today. 6-10 pm of practice. Although we enjoyed it, still, we have to admit that we all are really exhausted. Everyone is giving it their best shot since our coach is a perfectionist. Every single mistake is treated like a big one.

Steps were taught to us earlier, while we also tried to at least perfect the liftings, or whatever you may call it. Too bad, I am a back spotter once again. The disadvantage of being one of the tallest of the girls.

On our way home, there came a group of men who rode the jeepney where my schoolmates and I are all in. I noticed something unusual from the other guy, and that's when things started to get weird. I prayed. Thank God I am not the only one who noticed it and thank God, Kuya took action. Maybe the guy was distracted, so they just went on the jeepney several minutes later.

On my way home, there are these puppies from our neighbor. Fyi, I am really afraid of dogs. Even puppies. They may look cute, but hey, I hate it when they come running after me. So while I was walking, they came nearer to me. I was scared. I was shaking a bit. I prayed and pretended to be calm. Walked slowly until I reached our home. Even though the puppies were barking, I pretended to be calm. When Mom opened our gate, I almost burst into tears because of what had happened. But still, I didn't.

Really, I thank You Lord for guiding me today. For giving me strength and providing for what I need every day. Thank You, Lord, I love You. :)

Now, I need to go to bed for I am really tired. Goodnight. :)

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