Cheer and Dance Practice Day 6

DIET, DISCIPLINE, AND DEDICATION--three D's which I really need to remember. I need to be physically fit, I need to discipline myself with what I eat when to sleep, and all that. Last, but not the least, I need to be dedicated to what I am doing. I mean, I love what I am doing now, but I need to be more dedicated. Being more dedicated is being able to follow what our coach told us--"diet", and be disciplined.

Sigh. I've been having several bruises already. I've got 4 on my leg, and one on my palm for doing a stunt. How I wish these will be gone before that day. Hot compress, is really a big help, I guess.

Haven't done much for this day, but that stunt. I hope I'll be able to do it by tomorrow, and I am really hoping that I won't get hurt. We'll be doing that for four days, so I would like to think that I'll still improve. :)

It's getting closer each and everyday. Lord, guide us and help us. Also, please provide for everything that we will be needing. Thank You. Amen. O:)

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