Go "C"! Go "B"! Go "A"! GO CBA! :) A C H I E V E R S. ACHIEVERS!!!
We did it, we did it, hoooraaaaayyyy! We are the champions for the intercollegiate cheer and dance competition!!! I can't even express how happy I am for our college! Thank God, really! Our sacrifices were worth it! I'm so overwhelmed. Hohoho. We fought, and we are the champions! Being not just a winner but a champion is like you're in heaven. Hahaha, yes. Ang sarap sa feeling. :)

I am so happy that we won because we've already sacrificed a lot. Like what my past blog entries tell. From stress, puyat, too much sweat, BRUISES, MUSCLE PAIN, BRUISES AND MUSCLE PAIN. Plus the fact that recently, nagkasakit ako. Maybe due to over fatigue, since our practice lasted only for 2 weeks. And we only get to practice after class/weekdays (6-10 pm); and weekends (before lunch til dinner). But since yesterday I am feeling better that's why I was able to perform earlier. Thank you so much Lord, it was worth the sacrifices! :)

And of course, we won't be able to reach this if not because of Him, Our Almighty God who was with us ever since day 1 of our practice--guiding, providing for us and giving us everything that we needed. To our Coach Dan (who's teaching cheer dance for 11 years now) and 2 other assistant coaches. Next, to our student council--CBASC, for being supportive all throughout--for providing for the food, excuse letters, venue, uniforms, props, and all that. Then, our parents--for every night, they will wait for us to come home safely since we arrive at home by 11 pm. Last but not the least, our fellow cheer dancers, for giving our best shot and never giving up. We did it guys. We brought back College of Business Administration's honor. We did it, we did it! I still am very happy!

And oh. Btw. We will be performing again tomorrow. 1 pm at the Grandstand (that's what they told us). :)


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