Guess who's just been broke again today

Just got home from a shopping date. So that’s why I’m broke again. I bought a pair of flats, and a cardigan, and 5 more tops. Guess I’ll be using them on our trip/tour to Pagudpud with my classmates right after our exam. I am soooo excited! Can’t we just skip those exams?! LOL, K.

But anyway, big thanks to Him for bringing me to that place. Even though I became tired with all those walks for searching for the right items to buy, he’s still there for me—to accompany me anywhere I go and suggest what clothes and shoe to buy. Had a really good time, that’s why I know for sure, we’ll be coming back. Really soon, I hope. I can’t effing wait. :D
Remember about my last post on my dream? It was true! A place like that truly exists! I thought it was heaven. :D Will probably let you have a glimpse of it by tomorrow. :”> But tonight, goodnight! I got so tired with what we did today, but no regrets. All fun. Thank God, I got home safe. I hope he does too. :D

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