For every celebration, there is a cake

For the past days, my family and I have been buying cakes for others. Yes, for others ONLY.

The first one was when I decided to give the company I've been working for almost 3 months a cake--simply for thanking them and for saying goodbye, since I am done with my OJT. They've all been good to me, so why not treat them something? Something which will make them happy and full, at least after I left them.

Secondly, was my aunt's birthday--and it happened all just in a week--that's why we've given another cake for OTHERS again. Haha. My Mom, like me, has been craving for a huge slice of cake since we're both craving because of all those cakes we've given for others. She then decided to buy a cake for our family to consume. Like, finally. She said, she bought a cake for us to celebrate naman, and we'll do it again next time. :))

What a glutton. LOL.

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