Mixed Emotions

Twitter seems to be adding up to what I am feeling...
Honestly, I don't know what to feel first from the moment they told me the good news. (I'm sure I've heard of it while his boss called him, I was just half asleep) Just like Mom. Well it's about Dad's work; that he got an offer and he'll be flying off by next week. Indeed a good news. One that we had been praying for. But Mom and I can't deny the fact that we both are also sad about this. Dad's work means leaving us again to make money abroad. But what can we do, right? We both know it's for the better. For a better future ahead of each and every one of us in the family. Especially now that I'll be graduating in less than a year, Dad has to work harder to buy my gift. Ha ha!

But seriously. These past weeks that he'd been with us was so fun. Like the usual, he'd been my alarm clock--waking me up every morning to remind me to never be late at work nor at school; cooks my favorite omelet and asks me every now and then to come eat with him whenever we had the chance to. He'll be the one to calm me whenever I get irritated by boys hanging outside our house. Just when I am about to nag to those disrespectful guys, he'll tap me and hold my chin and cheer up then he would say, "O relax. Ang puso mo..." while smiling, then will laugh afterwards. Whenever I am always asleep, he'll tease me and say that I am really like my grandmother who likes to lay in bed all day and sleep. All those good habits of his, will surely make me miss him more than I've had.

Most especially, the house will be quiet, because Mom has no one to make kulit to, aside from my sister and I. No one will laugh and scold Mom for being makulit then eventually he'll tell her, "Aba, andito na naman si Kulit!". And of course, no one will make lambing to me and tell me how happy he'll be when I graduate, plus all the plans he has for me. Sure, he is one happy guy. One you'll never see a bit of a grudge from any one even though they have done him wrong. Daddy, you're really the best. The best Dad I could ever have. You've always been so good to me. Even though you weren't around when I was born and you won't be around my graduation, but I know how happy you will be. I know how much you want to be with me that day when finally, you see me get my diploma one day after all those hard works you've been just to make me finish my studies. You sent me to good schools--all private ones. Both of us. That's why I am very thankful to you Daddy, because if it weren't for you, I will not be here, and I will not have all these. I owe it to you, next to God.

I promised you Daddy, I will make you proud. Both you and Mommy, and I am doing it. I am determined to make you both happy, just like what you did to me ever since I was born. I've never had a hard time, because both of you are supporting me all the way. I am very much grateful to have you both as my parents--for sacrificing yourself just to give us a bright and better future--that's why I am trying my best to be the best eldest daughter for you and Mommy. I love you both, my dearest parents. That's why it'll be also hard for me that you won't be with us on my graduation. But I understand. We do. I know you are only doing this much sacrifice for Mommy, Jacqui and I, simply because you love us, and I thank you for that. I couldn't have had any best Dad aside from you. I love dearly Daddy. You've been a great and awesome Dad, provider, friend, and most especially a husband to Mommy. You never gave us anything to be ashamed of nor anything to be mad about... Only smiles, happiness and love. :)

     You are the best Dad in the whole world! See you after 9 -10months! And when you do, I swear, I'll hand over my diploma to you and see you with the widest smile you can ever have! I love you Daddy. :)

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