I was out the whole day ever since Wednesday, September 21st and today. From yesterday until today, I've had several first-time-experiences. I'll only cite things that are for me, remarkable ones.

For today, I was with Mom. We left home by 6:30 am and went to Rosario, Cavite. Mom asked me to accompany here there, and since I haven't been to that place ever since I was born, I said yes. Now's the chance for some day out with Mom, since I've been at home almost everyday ever since I finished my internship.

I don't know if traffic was a bit heavy or not since it was my first time. But we were on the road for two hours, and dang I was so sleepy because I got home last night late. Anyway, here are my first-time experiences for today... So here it goes...

Today, it was my first time to:

  • leave the house not feeling fresh enough to go out
  • go and be at Rosario Cavite
  • go out with Mom early in the morning, just the two of us
  • go to SM Rosario, Cavite and man, my experience isn't good. Don't even bother asking me about it.
  • have rashes after carrying Mom's big bag
  • stand outside the mall for like, almost 2 hours waiting for nothing
  • be irritated in front of Mom's friends/acquaintances
  • taste and eat KFC's Mango Cheesecake and dang, I love it! Php29 sure is cheap for that thing. I think I could eat like 5 of it. I can't get enough. LOL.
  • have a "date" with Mom, but I bet it won't be the last for this month
  • go home frustrated, with Mom
  • not have any picture for today, knowing that Mom has a camera with her and that Mom is vain
Well, I think that's it for today, and I've had a reaaaaaaaaally tiring and hot day. And I have no picture to share in this blog entry.

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