"Minsan, yung mga taong masayahin pa ang may pinakamalaking problema."

       This statement is based from my observation. Whenever a friend goes through something difficult, it's hard to know that you have nothing to do to make him or her better. Rather, make the situation he or she in, better. I, personally have nothing to offer but a prayer and encouraging words to make them feel better for a moment, at least; and listen, to let them know that they're not alone and that they have someone to confide to.

          I don't like it when funny or joker-type friends of mine get upset all of a sudden because that is sooo not them. It's unusual to see that their "usual" cheerful self isn't around. Oh well. Life really has its ups and down. Sometimes you're happy, sometimes you're not. And most of the time, other people cannot make you happy no matter how hard they try, but only you, yourself.

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