One pink day.

          Since Pedring was not harsh today (thank God), I decided to come with Mom at her exhibit. I've been helping Mom the past few days, since she was willing to give me something for it. Haha! Coz hello, what am I going to do at home? Sit around all day in front of my laptop--watching movies, playing games, blogging without getting anything like allowance or something? T'was why Mom was able to convince me to go and help her. :">

          It's been almost a week and I've been doing fair enough--helping Mom, I think. Especially the first day. Dang, i got muscle pains that lasted for two days and the second I got home, I almost fell to my sister for I was really tired. I've been a good daughter you see. That's why Mom thought of giving me some reward for that. Ha ha!

          This monday, Mom got herself a new bag. A treat for herself maybe after work. I've loved Mom's taste of bags, that's why I've been eyeing most of her bags, and with her new bag--I've been encouraged again to buy a new bag. I blame Mom for that. :)) Mom thought of just giving me a new bag as a reward, since she knew how much I liked her new one. I was very ecstatic to find out that Mom was going to treat me a new bag! Haha. That's why I was sooooo happy. :">

          I was with Mom since 9 am at her exhibit, and it wasn't bad. I brought along a novel for me to read while waiting, but I was also assisting her at the same time whenever she needed me. I was doing a lot of things to keep me awake, since of course, there will be idle times there. Here are some photos.

This cola flavored candy is cool!

Photo without flash.

Photo with flash.

This is really pink, but idk what happened in this shot. lol

I also bought some more pink stuff--this pink/lavender/white/orange gift wrap and a
few more pink accessories for someone. I will not reveal it for it's a gift for someone.

          Oh well. Tomorrow's going to be rest day for me. But maybe I should go finish my tasks first.

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