Faith, and prayer. It works.

          The past few days and months have been a test for me, I can say. If it weren't because of the Lord, I would've given up long time ago. If it weren't for the faith I have for Him, like my Mom used to say, I am already gone. They may say that it's easy being me, but no. As long as you don't get to live the life I have, you can't really say that at all. I will not get into details anymore.

If God takes something away from you, it means He’s emptying your hands to give you something better.

          I came across this quote earlier while I was browsing through Twitter. I do believe that everything happens for a reason--His reason. Like what Bea Alonzo told Kris TV earlier (although I can't tell the exact words because I may have forgotten it), it goes something like, everything happens for a reason indeed, and it's all planned for us before we may even know it. And yes, I do believe in it. And I think, God allowed me to encounter such things because of the message that He wants me to know about.

          I believe that God has been telling me things the past few weeks, and I just can't figure it out yet. I think He's calling me for something. That, I have to find out. Probably through the help of the church and the bible. Elders said that if you are encountering a lot of problems or what they often call trials it is because God knows You can handle and solve it. God allowed it to happen because He knows you'll be a much better person after learning from those. And maybe, He's just preparing me for the best plan He has for me. I trust Him so much, even though I'm not that active at church now. But even so, I never fail to communicate to him through a prayer. It's because for me, that's the only thing that connects me to my one and only Best friend, Savior, Father, and God. It's free, yet it's the fastest thing to reach Someone as Mighty as Him, for He is my Lord/God, my Savior.

          Ever since I was a kid, I was taught to pray to the Lord ALWAYS. Literally. Not just daily, but at least 3-5 times a day. Three times--for thanking the Lord for what is served on my plate. The remaining two--for thanking the Lord for giving me another morning to look forward to, and night to simply thank Him for another life and blessings He has given me. As a kid, we always go to church, although when I was a kid, I did not paid that much attention to the lecture because to be honest, I am always sleepy at church. I was a kid, I don't know yet the importance of it. I know what it is for, but I didn't really understand it until I reached my mid-teenage years.

          My Mom, (oh how I've adored her faith for the Lord) she has the strongest faith here in our family. I know, because Mom ever since she became a Born-Again Christian, she has lived the life of one (although of course, she also commit mistakes). You know, in this life, there will be more than a thousand reasons not to follow the Lord's commandments. But if you are able to resist it, wow, you're different. Of course, no one has ever lived that perfect lifestyle yet since no one is perfect and as humans, we commit mistakes. 

          Just yesterday, we got another miracle (I won't get into details anymore about that). And with that, I know, that God has blessed our family again. Just early this month, I already am thanking the Lord for giving us more than enough blessings. My family and I just can't stop thanking the Lord for the joy He has given us through the blessings--the miracle He kept on giving us.

          I am so thankful to the Lord for being patient and understanding, most especially to me. I know, I am not the perfect daughter to Him, as a Father. I am not that devoted to being a Christian, a child of God. Honestly, sometimes I think I am not worthy of the blessings He keep on giving me, because I know myself. I admit to committing mistakes, to ignoring His commandments [:(] and all that. Like what I've mentioned earlier, there will always be more than thousands of reason for not following His commandments. And as for me, I've been struggling... to keep up with His commandments. 

          Now that I am in the right age, I can understand things I cannot understand as a Christian before when I was still a kid. Thank You Lord for my Mom, for sharing her faith with me and Dad and Jacqui. She is indeed a blessing in the family because she is the only one here who keeps the rest of us connected to You as much as possible. Thank You Lord, and I'm sorry for my wrongdoings. I don't want to promise anymore, since I know for myself that I cannot keep up with it, that's why here I am, obliging myself to devote more of my time to You in return of all Your goodness to me and my family.

          I do believe that love moves in mysterious ways. God is love, and therefore, God moves in mysterious ways. I do not need eyes to see You; nose to smell You; ears to hear You; nor touch to feel You. As long as I believe in Your existence, and power, I know, You will always be present in me.

          Lord, I am not strong without You and Your guidance, that's why I need You ALWAYS in my life. A millisecond without You here in my heart would mean a very big loss to me. My Lord, my Savior, You alone in my life can fill in the emptiness in me--You're all that I need. If every body else left me,  I can take it... As long as I still have You. I owe You my life, and I would always be so grateful for it. I love You so much Lord...... :)

          I do believe that God also allowed this to happen. (Hey, I know, you may be thinking that I am just copying Jamie Sullivan's character from A Walk to Remember, because she believe that everything happens for a reason. But it's true, everything really happens for a reason. The reason? I don't know. That, I'll have to discover. You too. But for now, all we have is our belief in Him--or what we call Faith.) I fully believe that God is with me while I was typing this blog entry of mine. I can feel it. Praise God! :)

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