That one guy...

There's this one guy
who never fails to make me smile
He brightens my day
Takes my sorrows away.

He wakes me up in the morning,
Cooks specially for me,
Provides for our family,
That's why we love him dearly.

But part of his responsibility
is working for the family.
No matter how distant,
he's never hesitant.

Whenever you are away,
All I can do is pray
for you to be safe,
be home without a scrape.

Each year you leave is harder,
but I know it's always for the better.
6 more months, I promise, I will make you proud.
But then, I hope to see your face in the crowd.

God knows how sad I will be,
as you leave tomorrow without me.
I hope you always know that I love you,
so much that I will always be missing you.

So as you pack your things and go,
here I am, writing this poem;
wishing and praying for you to be home,
so I will see you one day soon.

My prayers and wishes of good,
goes out to you, my Daddy dear.
For being a dad so good,
through out my nineteen years.

Daddy, you will always be that one guy,
who will never hurt me but make me smile.
Remember that I'll always pray for you,
with Mommy and sister, because we love you.

Daddy's Girl Forever

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