Last semester for college: Officially Enrolled!

Yesterday, November 3, 2011 was the schedule for the distribution of our Certificate of Registration (COR) or what is mostly referred to as the "reg form" by the students. The night before, I wasn't able to sleep early. I fell asleep by 1 am already, and I woke up at around 6 in the morning. 5 hours of sleep is all I've had that night.

Before 8 am, Mom and I were already at school. Before 10 am, we were already done--paying my sister and I's tuition fee and validation of our IDs. Since I will also pick up my reserved book (Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven), Mom offered to wait for me. So we went to SM Dasmarinas to kill time (lol). After staying at GBC, we went back to school to get my copy of the book. Then immediately went to Mom's meeting which was really nearby that's why we got there just on time.

I was the only teenager there so it was really awkward. Good thing, I have my copy of the book, I was able to read the first chapters. When I got so sleepy just by sitting there and reading, I decided to just listen to my playlist in my Zune. When we were about to leave the room, Mom's friend told us to eat first, since they have lots of foods in the other table! Palabok, cake, pansit, pudding, polvorons, sandwiches, and a lot more.

After eating, Mom insisted to just go shopping at Robinson's Place Imus. I was so tired to go all the way to Imus pa, eh we could just drop by the nearest mall from school. 'Di ako umubra kay Mommy, she said we'll just shop at Robinson's Imus. I told Mom that she should just shop by herself, I'd rather go home since I was sooo sleepy. My head is aching because I wasn't able to sleep during her meeting. I kept on controlling myself not to fall asleep.

A picture of me Mom took. Stolen photo, kumbaga. Mom asked me to look at her for a second. I didn't think she would actually take a picture of me. >_<

Anyway. Since Mommy wants me to shop with her, she told me we'd go home first, drop our things there and head off immediately to the mall at Imus. To my surprise, it was sooo traffic. I bumped my head twice because I was sooo sleepy, my head was leaning against the hard surface of the vehicle. Hindi naman lingid sa kaalaman ng karamihan na malubak talaga ang Aguinaldo Highway eh. Kaya ayun. Lalo lang sumakit yung ulo ko...

Mom was still hyper. We headed straight to National Bookstore because I told her that she should buy me a notebook since classes will resume by Tuesday. Thankfully, Mommy was indeed patient enough to wait for me while I was really taking time to look for a beautiful notebook. I got stuck over two--a Hello Kitty notebook with 3 sections and the other is a Retro Vintage one that has like 5 sections in it. I really liked the Hello Kitty one, but I don't like to buy that particular one because it looked a bit dusty and old. Some of the pages were folded. I asked if there's still a stock of it, but there was none, so I ended up choosing the retro vintage one. What a problem. HAHAHA!

We were already at the mall and she kept on insisting I should take her a lot of pictures for her Facebook account. Mommy loves pictures, that's why she kept on asking for it. She even took pictures of me even though I don't want to be taken. Mom was still taking pictures of me even until we headed to the grocery. Imagine how embarrassed I was all throughout the shopping experience with Mom. -__-"

We got home by 7 pm, which makes that almost 12 hours of being outside our home. Mas mahaba pa sa tulog ko. Grabe lang. Masakit na nga ang ulo ko, masakit pa ang legs ko sa sobrang kaka-lakad. Ang dami naming pinuntahan at nilakaran. Nakakapagod. 

But really, I am very much thankful for the Lord for a productive day yesterday. I am officially enrolled for my last semester in college, and we've already bought what we need. Thank You so much Lord for the continuous blessings!

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