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The other night, I was fixing my wallet again, and I saw this crumpled-like piece of paper. I opened and read it. I remembered, it was a friend’s surprise message to me while I was crying my heart out to him.

Sometime during the first semester, I was somewhat disturbed by some problems I’ve had during that time. It’s been bothering me, though I try not to show it. It has been a struggle to keep myself sane amidst all these I am experiencing. And with someone like me, who over thinks a lot… It’s really difficult.
There are 5 people who helped me keep my sanity. One of them, played a very special role in my life during those days. Everyday, he keeps on checking on what I am feeling, and helping me cope up with all the stress I am getting. Thank God, he managed to do his goal very well. I am okay now.
I remembered that one day that he said he wanted to talk to me. I ended up crying my heart out to him (which I hadn’t expected) in a public place.Hagulgol talaga ako. And while I am sobbing my feelings to him, he is writing down something. I asked him about it, and he said that I should wait until I get home before reading what he wrote for me. And I followed him.
When I got home, (and yes, my eyes were all puffy and red) I read it, and smiled. “I could really use those words right now”, I said to myself…
The pictures above show what he wrote for me while I am crying. Those words may not be that long, his handwriting may not be that good, and the paper he wrote on may not be that neat and good, but those words were just the ones I really needed to know. I thought, those maybe, were the ones God was wanting to tell me all along….
I’m glad, I am okay now. Thank You Lord, my parents, and that 5 people who helped me get through all those.

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