How I spent my Christmas vacation.

          Just a review of my posts for my last Christmas vacation while I'm still on college--well, it mostly consists of movie marathons, eating, shopping, sleeping, and of course, surfing the internet! I guess half of my time or at least 1/3 of it was consumed/spent mostly on the internet. But anyway, just so you know, here are my previous blog posts during my Christmas vacation:

          Okay, so obviously, I spent most of my time on blogging also. Most especially here. Since I find Tumblr more on reblogs and less originality now.... Mmmkay, now, here are the "shopping with my sister" photos from my Christmas 2011 album with a few description, I guess? Haha. I am too lazy to upload a lot of photos by albums at Facebook nowadays so.... I just combined the photos into a single album--Christmas 2011. :))

          Since I've blogged about my Hubby and I's Pre-Christmas Celebration last December 17-18, I'll be posting photos after that. First, my sister and I's annual shopping at the Noel Discovery Bazaar held at the World Trade Center, last December 23, 2011. :)

Sister and I were both wearing polo plaids! Mom was too, but a floral polo instead.
  By 4 pm something, we were at the World Trade Center. Sister took two hours just
to prepare! It also took us almost 2 hours for our travel time. WTF. XD
Well, this is a before and after photo. As you can see in the upper photo,
I wasn't holding any eco bag, just my bag--the before photo. While the lower
photo, I already have an eco bag--the after photo. While the sister doesn't
have much difference from both photos, doesn't she? :))

Our tickets/passes. :)
We were at Noel Discovery Bazaar on their first day at the World Trade Center.
I think two GMA artists were there to perform--Jhoana Marie Tan and
Angel Satsumi (Pepito Manaloto's Clarissa) were there. Ang cute cute talaga
ni Angel, she looks so cuddly and tiny! Pero she was so bibo. :)
Photos after more than an hour of shopping. This year, nalibot na namin yung buong
venue, like every stall napuntahan/natingnan namin. Ahh, the perks of being able to be
on their first day. Wala masyadong tao. Unlike last year, sa last day na ata kami nakapunta
that's why sobrang dami ng tao at di na kami nakapaglibot ng maayos. Siksikan pa.
I was so happy to be able to find good items at a very reasonable price!
Oh how I love shopping at bazaars! Especially Noel Discovery Bazaar. :)

NOEL backwards.

           I've really enjoyed shopping at Noel Bazaar! Definitely I'll be back next year! :D

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