Pre-Christmas Celebration with my love (December 17-18)

          Last December 17, my Hubby and I went to Splash Mountain Resort at Los Baños, Laguna. It was raining! Pero tuloy pa din yung plan namin. We dropped by first at SM Calamba for lunch, since it's past 12 or 1 already. We weren't able to eat right after we got there, because fast food chains such as KFC, and the like were already full,  plus all the seats at the Food Court were already taken. That's why we ended up eating at Slice N' Dice.

What a coincidence! :)) JSYK, we are celebrating our anniversary
every first of July; and monthsary every first of the month. :)

          I had Fish Fillet for lunch, and he had Steak. Pero di ko na-enjoy yung "Fish Fillet". Well... Kasi hindi masarap. Haha. Honestly. Nasa sauce lang yung lasa, and wala sa fillet. Ni wala man lang yatang salt yun.

           Anyway. We got there at the resort past 2 in the afternoon. We were a few minutes left.(because we were supposed to check in by 2, I think?) And to add to that, sa ibang resort ng Splash Mountain kami napunta, which is the Splash Mountain Resorts Hotel. :)) Good thing they allowed us na magcheck-in na lang sa room doon, since iisa lang naman daw ang may-ari. That's why we didn't have to go to Splash Oasis yata?

          Splash Mountain Resorts Hotel was beautiful! It has a lot of pools! We didn't even got the chance to visit or count all the pools there. I think 4 lang yung napuntahan at napag-swimming-an namin?

          Anyway, my Hubby took care of this trip. From the reservations up to the expenses. :"> It's so sweet of him. Hihi. He got us this room with an inside pool/jacuzzi. Although, hindi ko na-enjoy o inenjoy yung jacuzzi because it was so hot! I can stand cold water, but hot water, I cannot. Really. Hubby was asking me to stay there with him, but I can't, kasi masakit sa skin ko to the point na sobrang namumula na. Though I can see that he was enjoying the water kahit na I wasn't, he decided to just stay with me--away from that hot water. So sweet of him. :"> Although I feel sorry for him, kasi hindi ko siya napagbigyan to stay longer sa jacuzzi with him. Di kaya ng skin ko eh.

          This is what the inside pool/jacuzzi looks like. (Well, the photo was post-processed so the actual color wasn't really like that)

          Though it was raining, we still swam. It wasn't very cold because the water in the pool is warm. :) We didn't have pictures while we were swimming, because it was raining nga. (Heck yeah, swimming while it's raining! I love it!) Besides, no one will watch over our things while swimming, so we just agreed na he won't bring his camera along with us. We had pictures after swimming and while we were eating our breakfast.

          This trip was our 2nd overnight trip for this year. The first, was last May 28-29--our advance celebration for my 19th birthday at Piña Colina, Tagaytay City. We went swimming too, while it's raining! Hahaha. And take note, it was really cold at Tagaytay and we even did night swimming. I had so much fun! :)

          We took pictures while we were waiting for our breakfast. It took us 15 minutes or more yata, while waiting for our food. Ang tagal niya, kaya inantok ako. Ayan, kita naman sa photos di ba. Hoho. Oh well. Here's a photo of what we had that morning. :)

          I had their "American breakfast"--toasts with strawberry jam and butter, scrambled eggs, hotdogs, vegetable and orange juice plus rice! The best breakfast I've had so far! Aside from the fact that I was able to eat it and spend my entire morning with my Hubby by my side. :">

          For this trip, I requested that we have a few drinks, since the last time I drank was like, 7 months ago--last May, because of my birthday. My Hubby granted it, yay! 1/2 case of Tanduay Ice and Gran Matador. But unfortunately, we weren't able to consume all these. May natirang 2 Tanduay Ice and hindi namin nainom yung Gran Matador. He even kept on teasing me na naninibago daw siya sakin kasi ang hina ko na uminom. Pano ba naman, puno na yung tiyan ko. After eating for dinner, inuman agad kami (Yes, 1 on 1 kami), so kamusta naman.

          We ate Buttered Chicken for dinner, then Tanduay Ice. Busog ako, so pano pa ko makakainom, ni hindi rin ako makaihi para malabas ko yung iniinom ko. :)) Oh well. Next time babawi ako. :) Di ko naenjoy yung paginom kasi di na kasya sa tiyan ko e. Hahaha. Yun pa naman yung gusto ko--1 on 1 with my Hubby, since ang tagal ko nang hindi umiinom, because I told myself na maghihinay hinay na ako sa paginom.

          After our breakfast, we swam before preparing to go home. After an hour, we took a bath and prepared to go home. But before we left the resort, we took several photos first. :)

I love my Hubby so much! :)

Hubby took photos of me. A lot! :))

Here we are, leaving the resort...

          I really had a lot of fun with my Hubby on this trip! He was too busy kasi with his work, kaya dito ko na lang ulit siya nakasama ng matagal. I missed him so much talaga, kaya naman I'm so happy na we celebrated Christmas in advance, since magiging busy ulit siya sa work niya. Sana may next time ulit. Ang saya talaga ng trips namin even though dalawa lang kami and commute lang kami. Sulit na sulit! Thank God for the best gift He has given me--my Hubby. :)

          Btw, these are only some of the photos we had during our trip. All photos are from his camera, and all photos here are post-processed by me. :)

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