Did Eminem really said this?


EMINEM: You hate me? I’ll tell you a story… I repeated the ninth grade three times, no I’m not dumb, I prefer the rap, I followed my dream. Going to school was hell, I was beaten every day by a kid named D’Angelo Baily. In 8th grade, I got beaten so much I had brain hemorrhage, I was in a coma for 10 days. In 1991 my best friend died, Ronnie, he had committed suicide with a gunshot to the head, I was very devastated. In 1990, I was shot of a gang in my neighborhood. Dude .. I’m tired of people who judge me without knowing my history. My mother was drugged, my best friend died, I never knew my father. You think i’m a bitch? You don’t even know where I am, people call me insane cause I have created a character named “Slim Shady” .. I know I’ve used drugs and everything, but that has passed, and I’m here alive, singing and pleasing to everyone. I do not blame you for my childhood, I blame you for criticizing me without knowing me. I could hate the whole world, but no, I don’t barely talk to my mother, I don’t know my father, but I have a beautiful daughter, and I only want the best for her. Dude .. I do not make the poor guy for everything that I lived, I just want you stop and think before you judge someone, my life was not the best. This is only a part of my story.

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