Photos above show what my Tumblr dash, Firefox and window color look like. Since I fell in love (A LOT) with Firefox and my current theme, I decided to match my window color as well as my desktop wallpaper and of course, my Tumblr dash! Now this is what it looks like. Hot pink, purple, silver scroll bar and nebula! I am sooooo loving it, omg. Never mind the color black, for it all goes well with my theme. ❤

          My theme made me totally forget about RockMelt and Chrome which are both installed in my laptop! It was yesterday, when I posted about how I loved it when I switched back to Firefox. And here's how my post went:

Downloaded Mozilla Firefox just now… and I fell in love. :”> I think I’ll be ditching RockMelt and Google Chrome for this.
  • Hot pink theme

  • Silver scroll bar; and

  • sleeker looking browserYES!
—YES! <3

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