Shopping On A Budget | How To Save Money On Clothes Shopping

I love shopping. Is there anybody who doesn't love or at least enjoy shopping? I bet no one, especially if given the money. Of course, anyone would love to shop and buy all the desires of their heart right? But some people do not have the luxury to shop til they drop. So for someone like me who loves shopping, it's always handy to be practical and wise in doing so. 

Read more to know how to dress fashionably on a budget!

Beauty Tips and Tricks | How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Thoroughly

Long weekends, are for sleep cleaning your make-up brushes and sponges. I know life can be difficult at times and usually, it means not having enough time for yourself. And because of that, we sometimes forget the little, but semi-important things, like for example: cleaning out your closet, decluttering, throwing out expired medicine and cosmetics/skin care products and of course, cleaning your make-up brushes and sponges.

Note: There are several ways to clean your makeup brushes, but this is how I do mine thoroughly, using a makeup brush cleaner. 😉

LANY Live in Manila 2017 at Ayala Malls

March this year, LANY first went to Manila, Philippines to be a part of an annual music festival called Wanderland. I unfortunately, wasn't able to attend because girl's too busy to. 😞 Fortunately, for me and other LANY fans who weren't able to attend too, the LA-based band is back with a series of shows for free! Continue reading to know more. 

The 1975 Live in Manila 2014 at Ayala Malls (Throwback)

It's been a little over a year since In The Mix 2016, where my favorite band, The 1975 was a part of. To date, it's one of my biggest regrets in life, because that event has such a big lineup. But since it's bad to dwell on the past, here's me, reminiscing the days I got to meet and watch these British lads for the first time, live. Read on to see photos and watch their performance!

MAC Cosmetics Magic Of the Night lipstick in Enchanted review + swatches

Beauty: MAC Cosmetics Magic Of the Night lipstick in Enchanted review + swatches
MAC Cosmetics Magic Of the Night lipstick in Enchanted review + swatches

Brand: MAC Cosmetics
Product: Magic Of the Night in Enchanted lipstick (Limited edition)
Finish: Matte
Price: Php 1,100

I previously promised to share my lipstick collection, so here's another entry! This was launched about two years ago, but heck, I still feel like it's worth sharing. See for yourself and let me know. ;)

Manila X Festival 2017 - Style

Photo Dump: Manila X Festival 2017 - Style
Now that we're done with the music part of Manila X Festival 2017, here's all about the style! Again, in case you missed the event, you can read about my coverage here, originally posted at AsiaLive365's website. Continue reading to see photos from the fashion show and of Filipino celebrities!

Manila X Festival 2017 - Music

Photo Dump: Manila X Festival 2017 - Music

It's been two months since this year's Manila X Festival, and here I am, just posting about the event. Manila X is a festival showcasing both music and fashion. In case you missed the event, you can read about my coverage here, originally posted at AsiaLive365's website. Continue reading to see more photos of musicians. I've got the style part covered too, but that'll be on another post. Stay tuned. 😉

Coverage: Music, style, and mania for William Singe at Manila X Festival (repost from AsiaLive365)

Article originally posted at AsiaLive365 and written by yours truly.

The last few days of May was rainy and having to attend an outdoor event with a known chance of rain is something you would easily say no to. But when it’s Manila X, a festival that promises both music and style in one event, how could you resist?

TMH Playlist | 07/17

TMH Playlist: 07/17

My, my, my. The month of July is packed with lots of artists dropping their newest albums! Most of which were much awaited by their fans. Curious as to whom I'm talking about? Read on!

Sunnies Specs: Just a hype or worth the swipe? | Sunnies Specs Review

My Sunnies Specs kit | Sunnies Specs Review
My Sunnies Specs kit | Sunnies Specs Review

It's been more than 5 years since I started wearing prescription glasses. Last year, my 6th pair gave up on me, which isn't surprising. The longest pair I've had lasted for almost 2 years, and I had to upgrade the lenses twice because I can barely see. LOL. It was my only pair which did not break, but since my eye grade jumped at least a hundred, I really have no choice. The thickness of my new lenses will not fit my current frame, so yeah.

TMH Playlist | 06/17

TMH Playlist: 06/17

We're halfway through the year, yay! This month's playlist is *~loaded~* thanks to four artists who decided to drop their album all at the same month. Who they are? Continue reading!

Red Ninja Year 8 Fest 2017

Red Ninja Year 8 Fest

It was my first time to be be a part of Red Ninja's event, and to my surprise, I enjoyed it! I love concerts and gigs even since I was in highschool. But since I live in Cavite and my parents were so strict, that just did not work out for me. At least until a few years ago, since I became independent.

Netflix's TV Adaptation of Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS review + screencaps

GIRLBOSS - © Netflix

Prolly every amazing, confident and empowered lady has read Nasty Gal founder, Sophia Amoruso's autobiography called #GIRLBOSS. It's a big deal simply because of how big Nasty Gal was back then. This year, Netflix has finally released their TV adaptation of the said book. This post is a quick review of the show, from someone who has read the book.

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead.

UPDATED 06/25/2017: In case you missed it, Girlboss was cancelled by Netflix. Season 2 is not happening, ladies.

Dua Lipa's Exclusive Media Showcase in Manila, Philippines 2017

Dua Lipa's Exclusive Media Showcase in Manila, Philippines
Dua Lipa's Exclusive Media Showcase in Manila, Philippines

Let's get straight to it, since my review for this event has been up at AsiaLive365 for quite some time now, shall we?

TMH Playlist | 05/17

TMH Playlist: 05/17

It's another month for good music and playlist! Some are new, some are old, but as long as they give us an eargasm, why not? Here are my picks for this month's #TMHplaylist!

Coverage: Dua Lipa blows minds with acoustic showcase in Manila (repost from AsiaLive365)

Article originally posted at AsiaLive365 and written by yours truly.

Dua Lipa is a 21-year old British singer-songwriter and model of Albanian descent behind synth-pop hits like “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” and “Be The One”. If her name rings any bell, one reason is probably you’ve heard her hit collaboration with Martin Garrix, “Scared To Be Lonely”. Or because she is named second to only Adele among female British music artists. Or, well, she’s just that good despite her emergent status.


Korean Drama Fever: A compilation of my favorite scenes from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Korean Drama Fever: A compilation of my favorite scenes from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

I have watched Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo last year—around the same time it was shown in South Korea. However, after months of speculation on whether Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo co-stars Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung are dating, just this April 24th, their management YG Entertainment has finally issued a statement that two are indeed really dating. So of course, the NJH x LSK shipper inside of me was so damn happy (the ship has sailed!!!). I was so happy to the point that I felt the urge to watch WFKBJ again... But will rather not, since I'm super busy nowadays.

YG issued a statement saying, "We have checked with Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk, and we were told that the two, who were close friends since their modeling days, recently started seeing each other with good feelings."

Escape to Camarines Sur, Bicol 2017

Bicol 2017

During long weekends, I wish I am somewhere, traveling, like everybody else. However, since I'm getting older, my body, my mind and unfortunately, my wallet (because I'm saving for something) is asking for a timeout. A time to breathe, relax, reflect and most importantly, sleep. It's almost May, but sometimes I feel like it's September already, due to the number of things I need to get on top of. But it's okay, because I like it that way. I'd rather that, that than an idle mind.

Anyway, so since I'm just at home during the next few days of summer (probably), here's a throwback post to satisfy my wanderlust: our Bicol escapade just this January.

TMH Playlist | 04/17

TMH Playlist: 04/17

Halfway through April, I posted a spontaneous playlist dedicated to mellow or soft-sounding songs. I know I committed myself to post a playlist per month, but treat this as a bonus. I'm still posting my playlist for April so, yay? :)

MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick review + swatches

Beauty: MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick review + swatches

Brand: MAC Cosmetics
Product: Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick (Limited edition)
Finish: Matte
Price: Php 1,000

It's been a while since I last posted a beauty-related entry. I've been swamped with work and music events, hence, a lot of posts about it. But anyway, here's another part of my Lipstick Collection, with swatches.

TMH Playlist | The Slowdown

TMH Playlist: // The Slowdown //

I'm not usually into mellow or soft-sounding songs (especially acoustics, except if it is really good) because like the sleepy person that I am, I will definitely be a) sleepy; or b) fall asleep. So I tend to gravitate towards music with fast/strong beats and catchy tunes. However, since the Holy Week gives us ample time for us to reflect, relax and whatnot, I came up with The Slowdown. It's unplanned and totally spontaneous, since I've yet to finish my playlist for April, but here it is anyway.

EDM artist Matthew Koma Live at Chaos Manila, Philippines 2017

EDM artist Matthew Koma Live at Chaos Manila, Philippines 2017
EDM artist Matthew Koma Live at Chaos Manila, Philippines 2017

So, I don't know if you know him. But if you're a fan of EDM, chances are, you have heard of at least one song with his voice. I'm talking about Matthew Koma, an American singer, songwriter, record producer and DJ. He recently kicked off his 2017 residency at Chaos Manila (ICYMI: I posted the article I wrote for AsiaLive365 here) and exactly after a month, here are more photos I took from the event.

Gold Girl Kiiara Live at The Palace Pool Club Manila, Philippines 2017

Photo Gallery: Kiiara Live at The Palace Pool Club Manila

It's been a month since Kiiara's performance here in Manila. I previously posted about it here, but scroll through this post for more photos.

TMH Playlist | 03/17

TMH Playlist: 03/17

I don't know about yours, but the month of March for me went by so effing fast - I didn't even got the chance to savor each day. LOL, but I'm not kidding. March threw a lot of opportunities to me (and I'm thanknful!) and like the career driven woman that I am, I grabbed every single one of them. Even though I was tired and sleepy every single day, now that it's April, I'm just relieved, happy and feeling that sense of accomplishment at least. So anyway, here goes my monthly playlist! 

SM Accessories Summer 2017 Campaign Launch @ The Palace Pool Club

SM Accessories Summer Campaign Launch '17
SM Accessories Summer Campaign Launch '17

Last March 3, /ESCAPE celebrated their first year anniversary at The Palace Pool Club with American electropop singer Kiiara (I previously posted about my gig coverage here). The event was co-presented by SM Accessories, so of course the night did not end without them showcasing their must-have pieces for this summer.

Gig Coverage: Matthew Koma launches Chaos Manila residency (repost from AsiaLive365)

Article originally posted at AsiaLive365 and written by yours truly.

Matthew Koma. The name, to be honest, might take time for others to recognize. The voice, however, is a different story. Because what does Zedd, Alesso, Hardwell, RAC, Showtek and Tiësto all have in common apart from being EDM’s heavy hitters? Simple. They’ve been touched by Matthew Koma’s golden voice.


Gig Coverage: Kiiara celebrates /ESCAPE’s First Anniversary in Manila (repost from AsiaLive365)

Article originally posted at AsiaLive365 and written by yours truly.

It seemed just like an ordinary Friday night as you plodded to Metro Manila’s premiere partygoer playground, The Palace Pool Club in Bonifacio Global City. As usual, there were lots of well-dressed people ready to get their groove on.


Intramuros Tour | New Bioré UV Products review + photo gallery

Last Saturday, I was given the opportunity to join a sight-seeing tour by Biore Philippines. On the day of the event, I just found out that it wasn’t just sight-seeing at all. What comes with it was a brief history of the old Manila and our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal. The fun stuff did not just end there, as I was also one of the first people who got to try the brand’s latest summer-ready products! Talk about being productive and educational, yeah?

Yellowcard The Final World Tour Manila, Philippines 2017

Yellowcard The Final World Tour Manila, Philippines 2017
Yellowcard The Final World Tour Manila, Philippines 2017

Almost a month after their final show here in Manila, here I am, finally uploading more photos about it on my blog! If you weren't there at the show, read more about what happened at the event here and read the rest of this blog entry to see more photos from Yellowcard's The Final World Tour in Manila.

TMH Playlist | 02/17

TMH Playlist: 02/17

I know, I know, we're already down to the last day of February. But hey, it's still February, so let me at least share the songs that helped me get through this stressful month. Stressful, but not in a bad way, I guess, because looking back, I think, I was really productive this month. That's all thanks to these good tunes that helped me resist sleepiness, turbulence and the urge to slouch just because I needed several minutes to at least breathe. If you went or are going through the same, well, fellas, this playlist might be for you.

Live Review: Summer never ends at Yellowcard’s Final World Tour (repost from AsiaLive365)

Article originally posted at  AsiaLive365 and written by yours truly.

Emo nostalgia was in the air as Filipino fans flocked to Skydome at the SM North EDSA to see Yellowcard last Friday, February 10.

They were first introduced to local act Gracenote. Frontwoman Eunice Jorge’s voice was powerful and undeniably similar to the high hitting notes we know of Hayley Williams. The comparison became clear as they performed Paramore’s “That’s What You Get”. The audience often brush aside the front act but this time that wasn’t the case. They were enjoying themselves and even charmed as the band covered Stevie B’s “When I Dream About You”.

Yellowcard took the stage to kick off their career-epitomizing setlist began on a mellow note with “Believe”. Sean Mackin had a chance to gloat his violin prowess to a very heedful audience before the latter was sent into frenzy during “Lights and Sounds”. In our defense, it’s what tonight was supposed to be. We were gonna party like summer never ends.

The Sharp Date Night for the Single

February is the love month. Celebrated worldwide through different traditions, practices, and events, February gives lovers and romantics the opportunity to splurge and bond with their partners. For the unattached, it is the season they can either remain indifferent or, ironically, be involved as much as possible.

Especially evident in contemporary Filipino culture, the unattached, or the “single”, willingly participate and hype-up Valentine’s Day with social media antics and comic reliefs. But these single men and women, despite their self-mockery, are also proof that even in solitude, there is still a way to spend February 14 enjoyably—if only one is equipped with confidence, independence, and a solid home entertainment system.

No single person should have a reason to feel alone or sad this Valentine’s Day as Sharp Philippines, with a range of models from its audio and visual category, offers more than just the flowers or the chocolates.

Up close with Phoebe Ryan

Phoebe Ryan live in Manila
Up close with Phoebe Ryan
You may (or may not) have heard that American indie-electro pop singer and songwriter Phoebe Ryan recently came to the Philippines for a New Year's Celebration party. Phoebe is known for her angelic voice and catchy tunes "Mine", "Dead", her mashup of R. Kelly's "Ignition" and Miguel's "Do You", and her single with The Chainsmokers' "All We Know". Prior to the event, I was given the once in a lifetime chance to meet her personally, thanks to the people from Ivory Music Philippines. I already posted about the 22 Things We Learned While Hanging Out with Phoebe Ryan in Manila—the article I wrote for AsiaLive365, but now I'll be sharing more about my meet and greet with Phoebe Ryan. Expect new photos, trivia about Phoebe, videos and more so read on.

MAC Cosmetics Cinderella lipstick in Royal Ball review + swatches

MAC Cosmetics Ciinderella lipstick in Royal Ball review
MAC Cosmetics Cinderella lipstick in Royal Ball review

Brand: MAC Cosmetics
Product: Disney's Cinderella in Royal Ball lipstick (Limited edition)
Finish: Lustre
Price: Php 1,000

2016 was a year of makeup hauls for me. There's so much makeup that I finally said to myself, I have to start posting it to my blog before they add up even more and lose the opportunity and time to do so. This 2017, I swear, is the year for more beauty and makeup reviews, so please bear with me! First off, is sharing my lipstick collection. I previously posted a couple of reviews and swatches of some from my collection and you may check it all in this link. Anyway, since the Beauty and the Beast live action reboot premiere is just right around the corner and there's still no confirmed collaboration with Canadian makeup brand MAC Cosmetics, here is a piece from MAC Cosmetics x Disney's Cinderella collection instead.

A Definite GIF guide to Yellowcard The Final World Tour in Asia (repost from AsiaLive365)

Yellowcard The Final Tour Manila
Article originally posted at  AsiaLive365 and written by yours truly.

Jacksonville-born, Los Angeles-based band Yellowcard was formed exactly two decades ago this year. Most 00’s kids who’ve gone through an emo phase (or ever watched MTV, really) would recognise at least one of their bright-eyed anthems or mellow, heartrending tracks.


Ever since their major label debut with Ocean Avenue in 2003, Yellowcard toured rigorously over the next few years. Although the band went through a hiatus between 2008 and 2010, it didn’t take long before fans could rejoice in their return, critically-acclaimed When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes, succeeded by two more records and a we-didn’t-know-we-needed-it acoustic album back-to-back.

However, to fans’ shock and dismay, Yellowcard announced in June 2016 they’re breaking up after a final tour, which, thankfully, Asia gets to be part of. So without further ado, here’s a 10-GIF guide to Yellowcard’s The Final World Your.

The CW's Riverdale | Honest Thoughts From An Avid Archie Comics Fan

Both photos from Riverdale's official Facebook page

From one of the most loved and longest running comic publication to a TV adaptation. This concept isn't new for the brand Archie Comics as it has already launched quite a number of cartoons, a movie and of course TV series, both animation and live action. I have been an Archie fan and collector ever since I was a young kid. It's been what, almost 2 decades already? (Because I was already a fan as early as 8 years old!) To my surprise, joy and well, disappointment, the American broadcasting network, The CW decided to bring the comic series to television. The series is called "Riverdale", which is the name of the town where Archie and all his friends live. Me being surprised is understandable, because, it was really unexpected; and joy, because being a true Archie Comics fanmeans you'd be happy about anything new about Archie and the gang! The disappointment is a different story though. Allow me to fill you in through this post.

Warning: Spoilers ahead. If you haven't watched the first few episodes of Riverdale, you may want to skip this. But if this post already piqued your interest, then by all means, go click the read more link! Don't say I didn't warn you though. ;)

22 Things We Learned While Hanging Out with Phoebe Ryan in Manila (repost from AsiaLive365)

Foreword: So before 2016 ended, I had a once in a lifetime chance to meet one of my favorite indie artists, Phoebe Ryan and do a casual interview with her. Below is the article I wrote for AsiaLive365. Stay tuned though, as I will be posting my up close and personal encounter (complete with photos and videos) with the artist herself here in this blog! 

22 Things We Learned While Hanging Out with Phoebe Ryan in Manila (repost from AsiaLive365) - January 12, 2017

Whether you know her from her EP Mine or the jammable “All We Know” from The Chainsmokers, we can all agree Phoebe Ryan is the next indie pop queen in the making.

Although it’s been over a week since her visit to the Philippines for the Eastwood-Quezon City New Year Countdown concert, our encounter remains crystal clear in my mind. The “Mine” singer is simply one of the nicest people. The day before the countdown concert, Ryan was scheduled to meet lucky fans and do a livestream chat with more fans online. The star, whose grandmother was born in the Philippines, readily embraced our warm Filipino welcome – giving presents right after our hello’s, that is.

Giveaway: TWO tickets to Yellowcard: The Final World Tour in Manila

Yellowcard: The Final World Tour in Manila

Calling all fans and followers of Yellowcard! You can win TWO tickets to watch Yellowcard on their last show here in Manila, Philippines courtesy of AsiaLive365! Join this giveaway and you might get to scream your lungs out to fan favorites, “Ocean Avenue”, “Only One”, and “Lights and Sounds”! Know more about this once in a lifetime chance by reading through this post...

TMH Playlist | 01/17

TMH Playlist: 01/17
TMH Playlist: 01/17

I'd like to think a new year signifies new things. So for this year, I am introducing a new segment on my blog: a monthly playlist! I know it will seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it isn't. Spotify is one of my necessity. Not more than Instagram or Facebook, but it certainly is included in my top 5. I super love my premium subscription because it allows me to stream and save unlimited music to my phone. I meant that part when I said it was a necessity for me because I am a workaholic, but I only truly get in the zone with either of the two: 1) when it's blissfully silent; or 2) when my earphones are on.

New Year, New Planner | Starbucks 2017 Planner in Coffee Stains (Big)

Starbucks 2017 Planner in Coffee Stains (Big)

A new year always signifies a fresh start, new chances, opportunities, and a whole lot more. For some though (including me), they take advantage of this day to plan their whole year. With that, a nice and functional planner definitely comes in handy for planning and organizing your year.

Belle De Jour (BDJ) Fair 2016

BDJ Fair 2016 - October 16, 2016
Yep, the event happened October of last year, which is just several weeks ago, okay. But I forgot to blog about it so I'm putting it all here and sharing my fun experience at my first ever BDJ Fair!