Coverage: Music, style, and mania for William Singe at Manila X Festival (repost from AsiaLive365)

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The last few days of May was rainy and having to attend an outdoor event with a known chance of rain is something you would easily say no to. But when it’s Manila X, a festival that promises both music and style in one event, how could you resist?

TMH Playlist | 07/17

TMH Playlist: 07/17

My, my, my. The month of July is packed with lots of artists dropping their newest albums! Most of which were much awaited by their fans. Curious as to whom I'm talking about? Read on!

Sunnies Specs: Just a hype or worth the swipe? | Sunnies Specs Review

My Sunnies Specs kit | Sunnies Specs Review
My Sunnies Specs kit | Sunnies Specs Review

It's been more than 5 years since I started wearing prescription glasses. Last year, my 6th pair gave up on me, which isn't surprising. The longest pair I've had lasted for almost 2 years, and I had to upgrade the lenses twice because I can barely see. LOL. It was my only pair which did not break, but since my eye grade jumped at least a hundred, I really have no choice. The thickness of my new lenses will not fit my current frame, so yeah.