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Munting Heredera, more than just a teleserye.

Munting Heredera (Little Heiress) is the newest teleserye offering of GMA 7 which presents new faces of possible child wonders--Mona Louise Rey as JenniferKyle Danielle Ocampo as Michelle, and Barbara Miguel as Calilla. This teleserye focuses about kids, (hence, the title Munting Heredera). The thrill is, the rich grandmother which is played by Ms. Gloria Romero is confused whether whom of the three is the real heiress of her wealth.

So the three little girls battle over acceptance/being in a family, since each of them has experienced having a broken family. But what bothers me the most is the fact that this teleserye shows a lot of kid fights. In my opinion, kids should not be able to watch this kind of scenes on TV, since media's main viewers are the youth. If children are exposed to these shows, then definitely they will be able to adopt what it is shown on TV. Munting Heredera I think is more of a child-friendly type of show, so it should show a good example to kids. Yes, there are values learned through the show. But isn't it better if they would just remove or lessen those kid fights? Kid fights on TV encourage bullying even more, by giving them more hints on how to bully--what to do, what to say, when and where to do it, and so on.

I really do hope TV stations can be more sensitive about this because it's not just a simple matter. These are kids, and kids should be taught good character and not how to fight or bully other kids. They should be taught to be friends with others like their age. Not fight with each other.

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