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Important realizations

Most of the time, realizations do not sink in first in our minds for every situation. Emotion does. And really, it will take us a matter of time before we came up with things we need to realize. Lessons, to be particular.

Appreciation doesn't occur in the beginning. It is by the end wherein we realize that we are thankful and indeed appreciative of what people are doing especially for us.

This day indeed is a happy day for me because I have realized a lot of things. Things that are not meant to be appreciated always, since life isn't well at times, because that's reality. You will not be happy all the time, but of course, happiness is a matter of choice--to be thankful with what the situation has to offer, and it's up to us if we'll appreciate it.

The past months, a lot of things have happened. It's a matter among school, family (more from the relatives), friends, and personal. And believe me, it's not easy to deal with, most especially if you are surrounded with all these thoughts while you are in a summer vacation but you can't really feel it because you chose to have summer classes and you have nothing to do, but deal with it and pass my subjects.

There were times wherein all I can do is to pray that things will go His way and to just give me the strength to cope up with all these. Being human, it is just natural to lose hope and feel alone. Thank God, there is this one person who never left my side: guides and supports me, and most especially acts as my bestest friend when I had none at the moment. He's the only one I had when I barely had nothing to confide to. So, why blame me?

Being a Christian ever since I was a kid, I know that everything happens for a reason--His reason. I know, God only gives nothing but the best for His children, and I trust Him full enough to cast my burden upon Him. And I really thank God for allowing those things to happen to me and my family. With ample prayers from each and every one of us, every problem is solved and is being resolved. Through these circumstances, I found the true meaning of love, family, and friendship. And believe me, you will realize these things in uncommon situations.

You will never know the value of something until something has been lost. And you will never learn if you lost nothing, only because lessons are learned the hard way, and sadly, lessons are only learned after something already happened. And for that, I am very thankful. God has shown me another view of life. That life, is not always what it may seem, so do not be fooled. Trust Him with all your heart and you'll find yourself on the right track for His will for you--the good life.

First off, love is something all of us know, but never really know the true meaning of it. Ever since I was a kid when someone will ask me, "What is Love?" I will joyfully answer, "God is Love." Maybe because during those times, love has no deeper meaning for me, and because, I still don't know what love really is. But when I was growing up, I was able to say, "God really is Love. And Love indeed is God."

It's because He gives us people to love us, the way He really wanted us to feel ever since we are born in this world. And when I say "love", I'm not just referring to the "romantic" love couples or soon-to-be or wanna-be couples. It is also from friends and family that God wants us to receive love. Love that is from Him. Love, that is Him. For whenever we love purely, He is present in each and every one of us.

As an elementary student, love for me is whenever Mom prepares food for me for school early in the morning. Love is when Dad will give me all the things I would hope for.

As a high school student, love for me is whenever I share laughter with my best friend and other friends.

As a college student, love for me is whenever my friends and I share the same table and walk around the campus together. Love for me is whenever my Boyfriend will tell me that he loves me and he will do what it takes to just to prove it to me.

But life, isn't always what it seems.

Love is why my Mom prepares food for me even though she is too sleepy and lazy to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. Love is why my Dad will work hard abroad just to buy all the things I need, just to make me happy.

Love is why my best friend and other friends make me laugh.

Love is why my boyfriend is trying his bestest best just to make me happy, just because it will make him happy too.

Love is not selfish. Love shouldn't be an obligation. Love is pure love. Has no intention of hurting others just for the happiness of oneself. Because love is unconditional and is expecting nothing in return.

Friendship is the extension of a family we thought didn't exist. Because of it, we are happy even we are outside our homes. But friendship also is not just about the laughter you share with each other. It is not just because you receive a lot of benefits. It is not because you just want company at school. It's a matter of finding love, even though you're not related by blood, or by name.

It is not measured by the fun times you've had. It shouldn't be an obligation, but a responsibility. It is not created with a condition but, a promise to be true and love them as if they were as if your brothers or sisters.

A family, not because you are related by blood should be a chance to take advantage of them. Indeed, blood is thicker than water. But, we must also learn and set limitations, especially if all those things have said and done.

It is not easy to forgive. But one cannot forgive if one hasn't forgotten. Forgive and forget, yes. But there should be a limitation after that. One must learn from the past, and by learning, you look back. Looking back doesn't mean bringing up the things that hurt you. It's remembering what had happened before and not allowing for things to happen again.

Most especially, having a boyfriend doesn't mean you forget about everything else. It's just that people are blessed and loved enough that one has to share it with another. It's not about finding someone to be mushy with. It's about appreciating each and every part of the other--whether be it a positive or a negative one.

Some people will never understand what it's like to be loved so much by a person who gives everything to you, simply because you haven't found yours yet. Harsh, but IT IS the truth. You'll find yours someday, and with the date? Only God knows. So stop searching and waiting for someone who is not yet coming, you'll just end up with the wrong one. Who knows, he/she is on his/her way. Na-trapik lang.

We need not to be surrounded with a lot of people. We only need the ones who will love you for who you are and are willing to stay by your side, no matter what. You don't need someone to oblige you to do every little thing for them, without thinking, "What about me?". Because if you start loving others and just forget about yourself, you'll lose your identity. You become someone you shouldn't be. You become the least as a person, and God doesn't want that.

God wants us to be the best we can be. And if you come across people who are like that, walk past them. Yes, thank them for being a part of your life and for sharing good memories, but that's it. Stop living for others. Start living for yourself and the people who require nothing but your love for them. Because after all, when did love become an obligation? Love is a responsibility. It doesn't require you to be this or that or do something like this and that. It's up to you. It is voluntary.

And just this day, I came up with all these realizations. Life is beautiful. It's just up to you on how you will look at it. Thank You, Lord, for showing me what LOVE really is. For allowing me to remember how much You truly love me. And it's by these people who love me and are always there for me through thick and thin. Thank You, Lord, for them. Thank You for making me realize such things, and for allowing me to stand up again after a great fall. For showing me that life and love are always together. For showing me that I need not look so far to be with people that I need in my life, and letting me know who to be with.

I am so happy Lord. Once again, I truly felt Your presence, through the love and happiness that I am feeling right now. Whether be it with my boyfriend, family, school, and true friends. And with what happened, I was able to find out who from whos, and what from whats. ;)

I may have fallen, but here I am, standing up through God's helping hand. I may have lost some, but here I am, armed with enough, and is gaining more than what I ever thought. It took me years to realize, but it is never too late for a realization and live what I ought to live.

Thank You so much, Lord, and I will always be grateful for my life to You. :)

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