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Movie Marathon | Friends with Benefits

Just a few months ago, I've been really into chick flicks. Well, until now, I've been watching a lot of popular and indie romance and comedy movies, whenever I have time. Well anyway, I've heard of this "new" movie at Tumblr. I've been seeing what, a lot of photo posts as a sneak peek before the movie comes out--images from jpeg to gif. They're a lot. After several weeks, there's this one particular day that my dash was full of images from like just the same movie. I've been intrigued, like, "what's this commotion all about?" and "am I missing something?". Just then, I found out that this movie was already showing on other countries. I've been wondering when will the movie come out here in our country, since I've been reading and seeing a lot of positive responses from the people who have watched the movie themselves. What movie I am talking about? It's the most-talked about, Friends with Benefits.

One day, I just can't stand my curiosity about this movie that I asked him if he could find me a copy online so I could download it immediately. Fortunately, he was able to do so and he downloaded it so we could watch it together. He knows how I was soooo excited to watch the movie, since the movie stars Mila Kunis and oh, Justin Timberlake as the leads. A lot of people have been saying that it's one good watch, since it exemplifies the modern-day-love-story. Which means, it's another chick flick for me to watch. 

Like, 3 weeks ago, I was fortunate that I was able to watch the movie at my comfort--for free, with him by my side, and ahead of the others (HAHA!). What I thought would be just a month of waiting for the movie to come out here in the Philippines was wrong. The movie was started filming last July 13 at New York and what date is it now--September 23. How about almost 3 months of waiting just for a movie? Well anyway, just early this afternoon, my sister and I were listening on this radio station while preparing for school when I heard about their promotion for the movie Friends with Benefits, and I was like... "WHAT" This isn't shown yet here? Parang it's been that long ever since people who've watched it started saying a lot of things about the movie and yet, dito, ipapalabas pa lang?

It appears that people who've watched it have bragging rights for they tend to be the spoiler ones for those who haven't watched it yet. (But of course, I won't be one to, you know. I won't spill anything about the story, because you will need to watch it.) Because hello, sa ibang bansa, tapos na yung showing ng movie na 'yun, pero dito, ipapalabas pa lang. Plus of course, dadaan pa sa editing siguro ng MTRCB yung movie, since it has scenes that are not suitable for very young audiences, and with a country like ours, napakaimportante para magmukhang wholesome ang isang movie para ipalabas sa public. Since, the movie was more like for adults talaga, kaya nga siguro natagalan. But I think 3 months is too much? xD

          Oh well. Life. Complications. Move on.

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