One cold and rainy day. - The Multi-Hobbyist

One cold and rainy day.

I woke up early this morning at 6 am because Mom's bugging me to go with her today. Yes, that early. I can't seem to get up because the weather was too comfy for me to resist. Mom grew tired of forcing me to wake up and go with her because I don't want to get up plus she told me that it was raining hard. I got up when she said she'll be leaving already, then I headed back to sleep. No breakfast. But I wasn't able to sleep immediately because the wind was so strong that it's making loud and disturbing noise. It's making me worried since it was raining hard also early that morning. But, I managed to get back to sleep because the weather was too nice. I love it. That's why I have to enjoy it. I woke up around 1 pm. That's when I ate my late brunch.

I was so contented with my sleep that I just chose to go online and play. Again. The weather was still cold, rainy, and very windy. There was a loud noise of thumping roofs, I was a bit worried that our neighbors' roofs will be blown away by the really strong wind. I was playing, until now. Then, I got hungry again. I went to our kitchen, searched for any food that will make me crave, and I did. After all, what's more, comfortable in this weather than chocolates? Haha.

Got me a few slices of bread and covered them with oozing chocolate syrup. Yummmm!

I love the weather! :)

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