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Movie Marathon | A Walk to Remember

Last night, I was finding ways to motivate myself to study more, since my goal is to get high grades for a subject just to be exempted for the finals. I thought it would be easy since I am interested with the subject, but then again, procrastination's been visiting me a lot lately, ever since I finished my OJT. That's why I came up with the idea of watching the movie, A Walk to Remember.

The movie is based on one of Nicholas Sparks' best selling novels which is entitled A Walk to Remember too--that of which I've already read during my OJT days. The novel and the movie are quite different in a lot of ways, most especially the details, but still the same all in all--a tearjerker indeed.

I watched the movie until midnight, and dang it. I've proven once again that controlling your tears is really bad. I've been controlling my tears by the latter part of the movie, and I did quite good enough, because I did not burst into tears, like my past experiences. But to my surprise... I got this after-effect on me. It's already past midnight, and I am done watching the movie but there I was, lying in my bed, still crying. I did not know why the f I was crying STILL, because the movie was finished already! But all I know was I needed to cry. I just did not know why.

For several minutes, I've been crying my heart out for something I don't know. I am not sure whether it is because of the movie. But I've already cried minutes after the movie. xD I even transferred to our room (because I was sleeping in my parents' room) because my tears are not yet stopping. I was hoping to calm myself just because my sister is with me on the same bed. And I was right, thank God I was able to stop myself from crying. And with that, I fell asleep.

By the time I transferred to our room, and I feel like I am about to be calm, I was able to post a status to my Facebook account pa. And it originally says:

But then again, to my surprise when I checked my profile earlier, my status was:

I was like, WTF? Maybe the people who've read this already think that I am retarded or something for posting these. I feel like shit when I've read this, srsly. xD

Okay, so last night was weird. Thank God for today is a better day. :))

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