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A thought I've had for weeks...

          I've had this thought for about a month now, but it took me a while to post this. I always forget about this stuff although it's already on my list. LOL. Anyway, here it goes....

"Forgiving is being true to yourself; that you're ready to forgive
and forget whatever it is that caused you harm in the past.
Forgiveness will not be forgiveness if you say you did forgive
but still, you're holding grudges against people.
Forgiveness shouldn't only occur if an event requires you to.
Forgiveness is voluntary. Forgiveness shouldn't be forced.
You forgive simply because you're ready to let the past go,
and not because the people around you told you to do so,
nor an event or circumstance required you to.
Forgiveness should not be rushed, it takes a matter of time."

If it weren't because of You.... I love You, Lord. :)

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