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Ask Me Something | By far, the best question asked by an anonymous person on my blog

Wow, this is the first time I’ve received such a special question from an anonymous person here on Tumblr. :)) Good question, btw. :)
Luis and I started as uhm, online buddies. See, if you guys happen to know, watch or at least heard of the duo “Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill”, that’s where it started. 

September 11, 2008 (for KTS—Kantahan Tugtugan Sayawan; I was a freshman back then) when the duo performed at school and like after a day, a joined their forum online. Luis happened to be the administrator of the site, since Moymoy Palaboy and Roadfill are both his cousins, that’s why I used to call him “Admin” or “Kuya Admin”. He had a girlfriend back then, and I am single. We’ve known each other and we’re online buddies (suplado siya sa mga members eh, pero except for me. Hahaha!) for more or less than a year online, until we saw each other because of the Grand Eyeball organized in the forum. And still, he has a girlfriend during that time. He was even on my friend’s debut party, and again, he has a girlfriend that time ulit. :))) We’ve seen each other like three times because of the eyeballs at the MoymoyPalaboy Forum, but we never got the chance to talk personally. Since he has a girlfriend back then plus I’m too shy to approach him, since he’s such a snob to most of the members in the forum. Pero naguusap kami online—like Plurk, Multiply and sa MoymoyPalaboy forum.

(2008: Ang pangit ko pa non. HAHAHA!)

Until the month of May 3 years ago, 2009. Well, to tell you the truth, from the moment I saw him, crush ko na talaga siya. Even though he has a girlfriend that time. Then, just before I turn 17, he and his girlfriend during that time broke up.Ako pa nga yung una niyang sinabihan ng “good news” sa forums noon eh. Hahaha! Then from that moment, I started to tease him and tell him cheesy lines in the forum (where other members can also read my posts, and oh, nai-printscreen ko pa nga pala yung iba sa mga usapan namin. Hahaha!), on Yahoo! Messenger and even through text messages. I have his number, since the members of the forum and I are close to each other even though we don’t know each other that much—and I used to send group messages (GM) to them. :)) Well, Luis isn’t the type of person who’ll always reply to text messages, hence a snob, even through text. That’s why I was so surprised when one day he replied to me and you know, parang gusto niya akong kausap, since he kept on asking about me. From then on, there’s always a communication and cheesy lines between us—chat, text, posts on the forum. BUT, we haven’t really met and talked personally ever since we became really close and an “item/loveteam” at the MoymoyPalaboy Forum.

(June 12, 2009)

June 12, 2009 when we first saw and talked to each other. It was again, another Grand Eyeball at a member’s house at Laguna—videoke, inuman, games, and all that. I wasn’t expecting for him to be sweet to me and I have no intentions of doing the same since I was just teasing him because he was my crush. I didn’t know naman that he fell for it! Hahaha! Well, bago pa kasi mauso yung cheesy lines like ngayon, chumicheesy na ako noon pa. 3 years ago, actually. He said he fell for my cheesy lines, because I was so sweet.

(First date with friends)

Ever since June 12, 2009, he became soooo much sweeter. After a few days, he asked me to go out with him—the first date. After less than a month, we became a couple. A few days before that, I was really hesitant, because he just got off a relationship like a month ago. Ayoko maging rebound. (Eh hindi naman pala talaga ganon. Akala ko lang. Sigurista eh. Hahaha.)

(The day we became a couple)

It all came so fast—from strangers, to online buddies, to friends, to really close friends, to an item/love team, and finally a couple. Yes, he did not court me, but neither did I! It all started with my cheesy lines that he thought was intentional, na GM lang. Haha! We started as friends, and I don’t have any plans of having a boyfriend. That’s why I am praying to God about it, but of course, I told the Lord to let His will be done on me. Whatever it is that the Lord wants for me, I will accept it with all my heart. And I was at that point wherein I was so happy being single. I was enjoying every single minute of it. But he came. I even had a promise to myself and my BFF that I won’t have a boyfriend until after college. But God has plans for me—for us. He gave me Luis. To tell you the truth, I never thought that Luis and I will be together as a couple, even though he was really my crush and it’s because he has a girlfriend back then, plus he lives so far from my home. Talk about a Long Distance Relationship. In fact, I’ve never thought of an LDR, since I think most of it won’t work. But then again, love moves in mysterious ways indeed. :)

(Us, with Roadfill)

Actually, I first met his family/relatives before him. That’s why when Luis and I became together, I think they weren’t surprised about it. Especially Roadfill, since sabi niya boto siya sakin para kay Luis and kay Luis naman for me (since Roadfill and I were friends because I was really a supporter and a fan waaaay before they became celebrites at GMA 7). :)

There you go. Sorry for a very long post. It’s just that, I will never ever forget how we started as a couple. As clear as crystal, it’s all on my memory and of course, in my heart. As you can see, I can still remember the exact dates and details. :) With that, I can testify that nothing is impossible when it comes to love. When he popped the question to me—if I’ll be his girlfriend, at first, I thought that our relationship won’t work out. Since I was single for 2 years, plus I am not yet ready. But then, I said yes. I wasn’t even in love with him that time (although he is already. HAHAHA!), but then I told myself, “Bahala na kung anong mangyari. Sinagot ko siya kahit di ko pa siya mahal. Pero dun din naman siguro punta nun, since gusto ko siya.” and it was worth a try! Here we are now, approaching our 31st monthsary on Feburary 1st, and coming closer to our 3rd anniversary each day. :)
 When it comes to love, it’s okay to take risks. What’s important is you tried. :) Also, nothing is impossible with love and with God. Thank you for asking this question and reading my very long answer. :)


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