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New Year 2012

So it's officially 2012 already! Anddd this, is my second post for this year! Hurrah to that! 2011 was a good year, like all the others. Thank You Lord for 2011, for everything that you've given me and my loved ones--whether be it good or bad. Thank You Lord for my loved ones and I are always safe and for the blessings! We are looking forward to a better year Lord, for I know that 2012 will be a lot better than 2012!

As I welcome the new year, I might as well look back to some events in my life the past year. After all, I won't be able to reach 2012 without living through 2011 first. So here it goes... :)

January. Stress. Stress. Stress... from paper works most especially our thesis, traffic, morning classes and all stuff related to school. It was also one of my busiest months since we've got to finish our thesis plus we joined the college's cheering squad for the intercollegiate thingy. After our classes, like by 6 pm, we should be at the venue for our practice and that's till 10 pm. By 11 pm, I am already at home and preparing for the next day. Imagine the stress of school in the morning + cheer dance at night. But yeah, our hard work and sacrifices paid off! We won! Our college's been the champion for this year, after like 5 years? And heck yeah, ang sarap sa pakiramdam na nag-champion na kami, tapos yung feeling na napagsabay sabay mo yung lahat ng yon at everything turned out well. No regrets! :)

February. February's another month for our thesis since we need to finish it before the semester ends. And oh. We even had a tree planting event at Calatagan, Batangas. I've blogged about it here too, so there. February's a special month because aside from it is the month of love and a lot of hearts, it is also the month for my Hubby's 22nd birthday! :) 

March. My first post for this month was the earthquake that hit Japan. Just by looking at the photos makes me sad. What more to the thought of losing their loved ones? Oh well. This month was I think one of the months wherein I shopped more than what I should have? Thus, "broke". Haha. But again, no regrets. And oh! March was a month full of unexpected expectations. (Say what?) Since my time was mostly spent at school and our cheer dance during the first month of this year, I've been worrying about my grades for this subject--Managerial Accounting. Since math was really not my thing, it was a struggle, I'm telling you!!! But thank God, I passed it! My Hubby was the first one to know since I was with him that day and he insisted to "surprise" me with my grades. After finding out about it, wow, it was a major relief. I definitely started my summer vacation happy! :))

April. Vacation for me did not last long since I decided to have summer classes--most especially to take my subjects in advance so that it won't be that much of a burden for me during my last semester in college. As you can see, got no records here at my blog. Been quite busy, since summer classes last for only a month and a half...

May. My birth month! Although it wasn't as happy like the others, since we have classes exams until the 31st or until my birthday yata (30th)? Nito ko na lang ata ulit naranasan yung magbirthday sa school. Ever since I was a kid, I've been wanting to spend my birthday at school so people will greet me personally and even give me gifts! Haha. But that was just before--like a thought I've had 15 years ago. Now, gifts don't matter to me--but character. This month was also the start of "an issue" that went along for about half a year? Though it wasn't that obvious nor it made that much noise, still, people know there is something. I won't go into details anymore (TMI....not), since I don't like dropping names or telling everything on the internet. But one thing's for sure, the best birthday gift I've had for this year--was my Hubby: for not leaving me for all those times I've needed someone but no one was there, for being so much supportive and helpful all throughout my summer classes, and of course for loving me. Though I've been going through a lot this month even though it's my birth month, he never left me, but instead, he made me feel that I'm still loved. :)

June. This was a busy month for me since it is the start of my last semester in college, and well, my OJT. Again, stress. I started the month stressed because I was really eager to find a company ASAP for my OJT, because there is a deadline. Thank God, I've found one, out of my desperation. I was able to start immediately by the 6th. This was also the month where my school "celebrated" their 100 years of existence. Well, I just spent it at school with my Hubby by taking photographs even though there wasn't any celebration when we got there.

July. This was also a special month for my Hubby and me, since we celebrated our 2nd anniversary this year! And hurrah~ I got myself a new hairstyle--curls; after like 3 years of maintaining a straight hair.  Well, I decided to have it because you see, I've been wanting a change for quite a long time now, and I thought now's the chance to start it. One step at a time. I make it a point that I get to change every bad habit, every trait I think wasn't helpful or was taken many advantages of by others, and more.... Highlights of this month: Amy Winehouse's death and Incubus and 30 Seconds to Mars concert in Manila. This was also another month wherein I have to live through the "issue" I've had for more than a month now. I've also written an open letter to someone, though I'm not really sure if it reached her; and a poem--more like creative writing which is based on my whole experience. And oh, I've spent most of my time at the office by just eating, sitting, and listening to songs. Hah. One heck of a month, it was.

August. It has been more than three months with the "issue", and by this time I still think there is something... I don't know what it is but... Well anyway, this month was the last month for my OJT, since I've completed the hours I needed for my practicum. But before my practicum ended, I've spent the rest of my free time by reading--Nicholas Sparks' and Stephenie Meyer's book so that my time won't be wasted just by sitting around all day doing nothing. This month, we also had our retreat held at Angels Hills, Tagaytay City for 2 days. Oh, the end for the first semester is getting closer too.

September. Just a month or less to go, and it's our semestral break again. Though I've had soooo much of a "break" already ever since I finished my practicum and I only have 2 classes every Saturday. How's that. Hahaha. So I just spent my time by watching movies and hanging out with my Hubby, as well as accompanying my Mom and sister to anywhere, just so I won't be forever stuck at home....alone :)

October. Changed my Tumblr username--another part of the "changes" that I've been doing to my life. Been at home most of the time since it's our semestral break already. Then before our, last semester starts, I've been busy with the enrollment too. I've made a ten-point goal for myself too, plus God has been wanting to reveal something to me, though it wasn't any clearer yet... Anyway, during these times, I've been thinking about which path should I take--the new or old one. Should I go back, or should I start a new one. But eventually, I ended up taking the old one--whether it was the right thing to do or not, still, I think, it's where the "issue" can stop, at least I think so. Anyway, I really am so glad and relieved to know that I'll only have 3 subjects for my last semester! Highlights for this month: Our monthsary, Nicholas Sparks live in Manila, Jdah's first birthday, Daddy's got a job again abroad, and of course the whole day online enrollment for my last semester in college. :)

November. Classes started again during this month, and it wasn't that much of a burden to me, because I only have 3 subjects, I got to fix my schedule the way I wanted it to be, along with my friends (I got more free time, that's why I am watching movies every now and then, and oh! The start of my favorite series now--New Girl!). Well, everything wasn't at its best, but I was able to adjust. Even though everything feels new to me and I feel so new with myself too--which is both good and bad, but mostly good. Besides, I've prepared myself already for this. Long enough that I was able to cope up with the changes that occurred. Alright, so of course there were times that I feel like maybe I shouldn't have gone back, but I know I have to, so just by thinking of the reasons why I did make me feel like it was the right thing to do. Anyway, I can endure everything already. I've come a long way now, so why stop. I really think I've grown up also, because of my experiences and what I learned from them. Plus, I am more confident with myself at this moment. Thanks to God and my Hubby, as well as friends and family who were always there for me and were all monitoring my situation to make sure I am okay. :) Oh, this was the month wherein my Hubby got his first ever job! Hurrah hurrah! I am very much thankful to the Lord for all the blessings He's giving me and my loved ones. :) Highlights for this month: Enrollment at school for my last semester in college, Company's family day and Sister's 18th birthday.

December. The last month for this year! Although I wasn't really excited about the Christmas (for the first time, I guess), I still am happy, because of the fact that each and every month gets me closer to the date of my graduation! Well, I wasn't that much busy, because I only have 3 subjects that's why the stress and pressure are tolerable. I've got more time for myself (since he's busy with work now) that's why if I'm not studying/at school, I'm reading books, watching movies and my favorite series--New Girl! December was more of a "movie-marathon" month for me if you'll look through my posts/browse my archive. You'll see. Haha. Highlights of this month: Christmas of course, Christmas vacation, Noel Bazaar shopping, Pre-Christmas Celebration with Hubby, as well as Pre-New Year celebration too. :)

Goodbye 2011, you've been good a good year, and thank You because I've learned a lot from you. And if I were to describe the year 2011 in three words they'll be--Ups and Downs and Learned a lot. This was a year wherein I've had a lot of realizations, I've fallen down but stood up, but most of all, I've never given up through it all. Thank You, Lord for always being with me, and for giving me someone like my Hubby to always support, cheer me up and love me. I promise, 2012 will be a much greater year! Now that it'll be the year wherein I'll be expecting my graduation, my 20th birthday, my first ever job, and I'm sure a lot of other firsts! Oooohhhh, this will be a good year, I promise. I will be good to you 2012, and make the most out of you! Happy New Year!!! New year, new life! Another chance to make things right and better. Thank You Lord for letting me experience this, I will be forever grateful! :)

This, I think, is my year-ender blog. :) :p

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