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Valentine's Day 2012


Valentine's Day isn't only about the flowers, chocolates and other gifts your loved one gives you--but how you let other people know how much you love and care for them. But thank You Lord for having another year to spend Valentine's Day with my Hubby and of course, my family... This day is indeed full of love! :)

So for this year's Valentine's Day, I already told myself that I'll be spending that day at school since it's Tuesday. I'm not bitter because I don't have a date for that day since it isn't only the day where I can express how I love and care for the special people in my life. Most especially my Hubby.

I am not really the "traditional type" of girl who celebrates and treats each and every occasion/holiday in my life like what the usual people do. For the past years, I've been spending New Year's Eve by eating a lot, watching TV/movies and sleeping; my birthday (even though it's my 18th), again, I just ate a lot/went out and spent it with important people in my life, and slept; All Saints/Souls Day, we spent it at home by watching TV; I spend Christmas by watching a lot of movies, EATING A LOT, sleeping and cleaning everything I could see; and for Valentine's Day, I just spend it with him--if we have a chance to, like last year's. But since Valentine's Day this year fell on Tuesday, "no date for us", I told myself. No biggie. Since for me, ever since we became together is Valentine's Day. (I am not trying to be cheesy, it's true.)

Mom's Valentine's greeting through text, since she has an appointment that day. :)

 Dad's Valentine's greeting through text before they left the country. :)

Not all guy would do what he did--go all the way here in Cavite right after his work from Quezon City. His gifts, and most especially his presence and effort really made my day! By 7 pm, we already saw each other. But then it took us more than an hour to find a place to eat since all restaurants are full of people! I've never seen such a number of people since Christmas of 2011!

After he finished eating (and while waiting for me to finish), he asked me, "Kumakain ka ba ng Ferrero?" and I answered, "Hindi mo ba alam na paborito ko ang Ferrero?" he said, "Teka lang, dyan ka lang." and when he went back, he gave me the biggest box of Ferrero Rocher that he saw (first gift). Then, when we're heading to the supermarket to buy myself a pack of chicharon (pork skin), we saw this stall which sells flowers, and he bought me a bouquet of them, which is his second gift. After paying for the chicharon I bought, we saw stuffed toys being sold and again, he bought me one, which makes it his third gift! So all in all, I got 3 gifts from him--chocolates, flowers and a stuffed toy. Kumpletong kumpleto talaga. :">

It is really sweet of him to do that. That's why even though we were only together for about 2-3 hours, it was really worth it. Knowing that he traveled so far and so long just to see you and date you for this year's Valentine's Day. Hurrah, to our second Valentine's Day together!

  Hubby's Valentine's greeting through text after our date. :)


I really love the flowers he gave me! I even caught Mommy admiring it. :))


And of course, I really love the chocolates he gave me since Ferrero Rocher is really one of my favorites (talk about nuts, wafer, and layers of chocolate! Oh nom nom nom~)! Mommy even wanted to be the first one to eat the chocolates he gave me. Mom was even bugging me to give her even just a single piece of it. :)) Of course, I agreed, but not until I decide to open and eat it!

It's only been like 2 months since the year 2012 entered but I already got a bouquet of flowers from Hubby twice! It's only been 2 weeks from the time he gave me the first one, then this bouquet came. That's why I have to put it again on "the altar". JSYK, it's the special place at home where I put the flowers he gave me on display.

Love love love!

Who says only your lover or suitor can give you chocolates this Valentine's?! Mom gave these choco mallows and a choco heart (not in photo) to me for Valentine's, plus cheese rings! ♥

I was so happy because I think Mom's being used to the fact that my special someone is giving me gifts, plus the fact that I have a special someone. :)) Things aren't like before and it keeps getting better! Thank You Lord for the super big improvement with my parents, I owe it all to You! And of course, Happy Valentine's Day to You, Lord! You're the first One who gave us "true love" when You gave us Jesus, Your only Son. I love You Lord! Than, You for the love and everything! :)

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