Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit in Natural Beige review + swatches

Brand: Etude House
Product: Precious Mineral BB Cream
Color: Natural Beige
Price: Php 848
Availability: Etude House

When my Uncle (who is based in Korea) told me that he's flying to Manila, I immediately fired up Google and searched for must-have Korean makeups--thus, the hoarding that costed me more than  Php 5,000--which is quite a bargain, because Korean makeups are waaaay cheaper when you buy it there, plus you even get tons of freebies!

I've tried only 3 BB creams in my entire life--Pond's, The Face Shop and this... But since I figured I'm having breakouts due to my daily use of BB creams, I minimized my usage and instead, used powders...

To be honest, this product is okay. If you're looking for a light (BB cream) coverage that's just enough to lighten up and give your face a glow, then this is for you. This also gives you added shine, so I think for people with oily skin, you either add a layer of powder or just opt for a matte foundation like L'Oreal Paris' Mat Magique matte transformation powder. Or if you really like BB creams, The Face Shop's FACE it Power Perfection BB Cream with SPF37 (which is up for review soon!) is really good and with almost of the same price--it even comes with 2 sizes. :)

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