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TMH Playlist | My Dear Melancholy, EP by The Weeknd

TMH Playlist | My Dear Melancholy, album by The Weeknd
TMH Playlist | My Dear Melancholy, an album by The Weeknd

Last week, word on the street internet is that Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd is releasing his latest work. And he did. My Dear Melancholy,, his new six-song extended play record (EP), was released for the world to hear on March 30, 2018

TMH Playlist | 07/17

TMH Playlist: 07/17

My, my, my. The month of July is packed with lots of artists dropping their newest albums! Most of which was much awaited by their fans. Curious as to whom I'm talking about? Read on!

TMH Playlist | 06/17

TMH Playlist: 06/17

We're halfway through the year, yay! This month's playlist is *~loaded~* thanks to four artists who decided to drop their album all at the same month. Who they are? Continue reading!

TMH Playlist | 05/17

TMH Playlist: 05/17

It's another month for good music and playlist! Some are new, some are old, but as long as they give us an eargasm, why not? Here are my picks for this month's #TMHplaylist!

TMH Playlist | 04/17

TMH Playlist: 04/17

Halfway through April, I posted a spontaneous playlist dedicated to mellow or soft-sounding songs. I know I committed myself to post a playlist per month, but treat this as a bonus. I'm still posting my playlist for April so, yay? :)

TMH Playlist | The Slowdown

TMH Playlist: // The Slowdown //

I'm not usually into mellow or soft-sounding songs (especially acoustics, except if it is really good) because like the sleepy person that I am, I will definitely be a) sleepy; or b) fall asleep. So I tend to gravitate towards music with fast/strong beats and catchy tunes. However, since the Holy Week gives us ample time for us to reflect, relax and whatnot, I came up with The Slowdown. It's unplanned and totally spontaneous since I've yet to finish my playlist for April, but here it is anyway.

TMH Playlist | 03/17

TMH Playlist: 03/17

I don't know about yours, but the month of March for me went by so effing fast - I didn't even get the chance to savor each day. LOL, but I'm not kidding. March threw a lot of opportunities to me (and I'm thankful!) and like the career driven woman that I am, I grabbed every single one of them. Even though I was tired and sleepy every single day, now that it's April, I'm just relieved, happy and feeling that sense of accomplishment at least. So anyway, here goes my monthly playlist! 

TMH Playlist | 02/17

TMH Playlist: 02/17

I know, I know, we're already down to the last day of February. But hey, it's still February, so let me at least share the songs that helped me get through this stressful month. Stressful, but not in a bad way, I guess, because looking back, I think, I was really productive this month. That's all thanks to these good tunes that helped me resist sleepiness, turbulence and the urge to slouch just because I needed several minutes to at least breathe. If you went or are going through the same, well, fellas, this playlist might be for you.

TMH Playlist | 01/17

TMH Playlist: 01/17
TMH Playlist: 01/17

I'd like to think a new year signifies new things. So for this year, I am introducing a new segment on my blog: a monthly playlist! I know it will seem like a lot of work, but trust me, it isn't. Spotify is one of my necessity. Not more than Instagram or Facebook, but it certainly is included in my top 5. I super love my premium subscription because it allows me to stream and save unlimited music to my phone. I meant that part when I said it was a necessity for me because I am a workaholic, but I only truly get in the zone with either of the two: 1) when it's blissfully silent, or 2) when my earphones are on.

TMH Playlist | 1989 album by Taylor Swift

October 27th this year, Taylor Swift released yet another album. Contrary to what other people think (that Taylor Swift isn't country but pop), she has finally gone pop "officially" with her latest and first official pop album, 1989 which is the year that she was born. I have always liked Taylor Swift because of her music--not minding whether she's country or pop because whatever, as long as it's good, I don't eff care what she or the people call her music.

TMH Playlist | Little Machines album by LIGHTS

Lights - Little Machines album

Being a Spotify premium subscriber and user, I make sure to explore all new and good musicians out there from my preferred genres: indie, alternative, electropop, hipster, and all those feel-good songs. I also make sure to create my own playlists, so that I won't have to manually put every song I like on my iPod. Through Spotify premium, I came across this track I fell in love immediately upon hearing. Thought it's one of Taylor Swift's songs from her new album The 1989, but when I listened well, it sounded like Ellie Goulding. Odd. So when I checked the artist, I noticed that it's a new name--one I've never heard or saw before--"LIGHTS".

TMH Playlist | Betty Who

Betty Who

I have always loved the songs Forever 21 plays on their stores--who doesn't?? They play electronic, retro, vintage, feel-good and indie pop--which is my thing! That's one of many reasons why I love shopping at that store. Anyway, going back to the artist, her song was one of the songs included in that playlist. When I heard it, I immediately felt the need to groove to it--but resisted, because I was at work when I heard it. Won't prolong the backstory behind this artist, so yeah, she's Betty Who! Betty? Who? Yep, you read that right--it's Betty Who.

TMH Playlist | Begin Again OST


I previously posted about the movie "Begin Again" a few weeks ago, and until now, their official soundtrack still got me hooked. Who wouldn't?? With Adam Levine's influence (don't get me wrong, the guy can really sing!) plus a very unique sound that this album has to offer, I'm pretty sure you'll have the last song syndrome to at least one or two songs.



Lately, I have been much into Indie music with that electro-synthpop touch and right now, the bands I am currently loving is, of course, number one on my list is The 1975 (which I got to meet and hug, BTW!!! Will post the details soon), Chvrches, Capital Cities (will blog about this soon!), The Naked and The Famous, among others.

TMH Playlist | The 1975

The 1975

It’s been what, years of not typing words (don’t get me wrong, I type a lot of words every day on my mobile phone, iPod and computer at work), expressing what I’m feeling and all those nitty gritty stuff in my life into the cyberspace that I’d like to think is as peaceful as having journal to write to.