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Why I made the switch to OWNDAYS Philippines | OWNDAYS SNAP Review

Why I made the switch to OWNDAYS Philippines | OWNDAYS Snap Review

It's been almost a year since I switched to OWNDAYS, yet recently, I was just reminded of how good of a choice it was. I've worn eyeglasses since I was in 4th-year college (7 years ago), and this brand, by far, is the best. Read on to know why plus a review of the OWNDAYS SNAP and its lenses.

I've had a lot of eyeglasses. A lot. (See some of it below) Because every year, I had to change my lenses to match my eye grade.

Got this from an optical shop at P. Paterno St, Quiapo, Manila for P 3,300 (40% transition lenses + specs from Italy. It's still intact!)

Got this from an optical shop at P. Paterno St, Quiapo, Manila for P3,000 more or less (40% transition lenses + specs from Italy)

Sunnies Specs review, Sunnies Specs price, Sunnies Specs Optical review
Got this from Sunnies Specs for P 3,199 (P 1,999 basic package + upgrade at P 1,200) . I got the ultra-thin lens upgrade because my frame cannot fully support my thick lenses.

Got the specs from our trip in China, and multi-coated + anti-blue light lenses from Magno Optical for almost P 3,000. (Unfortunately, the frame is not of good quality, I had to find another lens but it did not fit my post-cut lenses.

Back then, my eye grade continued to increase every year. Probably because of the nature of my job, which involved having to sit in front of the computer the whole day. And until now, the situation's still the same.

So as I grew older, I realized it's important to invest in good quality frames, multi-coated lenses with an anti-blue light filter, and good after-sales service. And I found all of that in OWNDAYS Philippines. I know it can be pricey (depending on the frame of your choice; price starts at P 1,990), but trust me, you'll get your money's worth.

My husband was the first one who got his eyeglasses from OWNDAYS. As soon as he got it (which by the way is just about 20-30 minutes!), he was so happy and satisfied, he bragged about it to me for like a week. Of course, I was inggit, but your girl can't afford it because his package was expensive. He got an OWNDAYS SNAP (P 5,490) plus upgraded to transition lenses (which is about P 3,000 to P 4,000). 

But then my current eyeglasses that time we not working for me. I literally tripped several times because there was something wrong with it. So my husband finally decided to just get me a pair from OWNDAYS too, since he was so satisfied with it. 

This was us wearing our OWNDAYS SNAP glasses:

He got his specs from SM Megamall, while I got mine from Robinson's Galleria about a month after. 

Patiently waiting for me

Getting your own pair of eyeglasses at OWNDAYS Philippines is as easy as 1-2-3.

STEP 1: Choose your frame

OWNDAYS has a wide range of frames to choose from. Prices start at P 1,990 for the basic package (frame + multi-coated lens). You can also ask for the sales representative's help if you're not sure which frame suits your face better. Or if you want an upgrade (anti-blue light lenses, transition lenses, etc.). It's nice because, in OWNDAYS, you can choose to add two upgrade lenses at the same time. In Sunnies Specs, you can only choose one. Read my Sunnies Specs review here.

My husband chose the OWNDAYS SNAP because you can instantly turn your eyeglasses into sunglasses. I chose the same because I really liked the concept. Plus, I can even transform my specs into different colors. Just purchase a SNAP lens (you several colors to choose from) of your choice and voila. Want to know how the OWNDAYS SNAP and SNAP lens work? Continue reading...

Step 2: Have your eyes checked by their resident Optometrist

Now, this is my favorite part of the OWNDAYS experience! You see, OWNDAYS offers the best service. They have resident Optometrist which are all professional, licensed and ready to serve you. 

I like that they keep alcohol and tissue around so they can clean everything easily. I'm a semi-germophobe and I appreciated that a lot.

The black room at OWNDAYS SM Megamall

The black room at OWNDAYS Robinsons Galleria

OWNDAYS is a Japanese brand, therefore I wasn't surprised to see the state of the art technology for checking your eyes. LOL.

What I love about the checkup is that they check everything. In fact, this was the first time that I experienced a certain process wherein they check the axis of your eyes so it matches the angle of your lenses and specs once you wear it. I'm no medical person, so forgive me if I fail to explain it properly.

Below is the result of my eye checkup: 

Below was my old glasses before I switched to OWNDAYS. The Optometrist marked my old eyeglasses. Those dots were where the middle of the lens was supposed to be so that I can see clearer and better. The encircled part is the axis, which matches the dots on my old eyeglasses.

OWNDAYS vs Sunnies Specs, OWNDAYS vs Sunnies Specs

Step 3: Payment

Once your checkup is done and you've already mentioned which upgrade/s to get, if any, you will be told to wait about 20 to 30 minutes to prepare your glasses. It's nice because it's as easy as that. You get your new glasses on the same day in just less than an hour.

Then, proceed to the cashier for payment. They accept cash, credit and debit cards, and even EPS (your ATM card). You can even get a voucher for your next purchase!

You can choose to wait for this super hip area. They even have comfortable couches and magazines should you wish to wait inside the store. Or in our case, we chose to eat first.

And after about 30 minutes, here's your very own OWNDAYS Philippines eyeglasses!

OWNDAYS vs Sunnies Specs, OWNDAYS vs Sunnies Specs

Now on to the OWNDAYS SNAP review...

OWNDAYS Philippines Package Inclusion

Here's what you get when you purchase an eyeglass package at OWNDAYS:

Eyeglasses of your choice


One (1) Premium OWNDAYS Eyeglass Case with a cleaning cloth


As previously mentioned, I opted for the SNAP frame. The frame plus the basic multi-coated lens costs P 5,490. I also upgraded my lens to the anti-blue light one. I think it's at P 4,000. 

OWNDAYS vs Sunnies Specs, OWNDAYS vs Sunnies Specs

I also got a snap lens of my choice, which costs P 1,000 each. 

My total bill was a whopping P 10,490. Do I think it's worth it? HECK. YES.

First off—it has good quality. It's true what they say, that you really get what you pay for. The frame is lightweight, yet it doesn't easily scratch or break. Even the lenses! Ilang beses ko nang nalaglag at nadaganan pero it still looks new. Sometimes I even fell asleep while wearing my glasses yet it's still intact, thankfully. 😅

Second, it's easy to maintain. Since it's durable, it's very low maintenance as compared to my old ones. I won't have to worry about caring for it always, like what I did with my previous glasses. It's also easy to clean because their cleaning cloth wipes away dust and grease like it never existed before. It's that amazing.

Third, I can transform my basic specs into sunglasses. I did not choose transition lenses for my upgrade simply because I'm not always outside, so I don't have to deal with the sunlight. I'm always facing my computer and my phone, so the anti-blue light lenses fit me best. Therefore, the SNAP lenses truly come handy for me whenever I go out during the day.

Kudos to whoever thought of this idea. I so love it, that's why I recently visited OWNDAYS in SM Megamall to get another one. My first was the orange mirrored sunglasses. This time I bought the basic black one because it's simpler and looks more professional.

So how does the SNAP lenses work?

Well, OWNDAYS SNAP have small but powerful magnets strategically placed hold the SNAP lenses well and properly.

It's almost unrecognizable because it's that small. Yet it has the capacity to hold the SNAP lenses. It doesn't even fall easily. Here's how it looks like when attached to the OWNDAYS SNAP frame.

Lastly, they have the best after-sales service in the specs industry. When I went to their branch in SM Megamall recently, I wasn't initially planning on purchasing my second SNAP lens. I went there because I want to have my eyes checked; whether my eye grade has increased again, and if I should change my glasses again.

The staff offered to have my eyes checked by their resident Optometrist. FOR FREE. I was also immediately accommodated to the black room where the Optometrist began to check my eyes. After checking my glasses, they even had it cleaned and the screws tightened without having to ask for it!

The Optometrist thoroughly checked my eyes, as if it was my first time there. I really thought I would need to have my lenses replaced, but to my surprise, I don't.

The Optometrist told me that my eyeglasses still suit me and that I won't have to change it for now simply because I may just have dry eyes. She even recommended an eye drop for me! How kind of them. They could have easily said that I need to have my glasses replaced just so they can get more money, but no. I truly appreciated that.

And the amazing stuff did not end there. My husband and I even got to take home a new cleaning cloth for our glasses! And that happened just a few minutes after entering the store to inquire about how much it costs. The sales representative just needed to verify if our glasses were indeed original and from OWNDAYS. That easy.

So there you have it. A somewhat comprehensive review of my OWNDAYS Philippines experience. Also, I would like to clarify that my husband and I did not receive any compensation for this post. We bought it from our own money. I just felt like I needed to share this with the world because really, you guys are missing a lot. OWNDAYS may be pricey (depending on the style and brand of your choice) but it is worth it. Especially if you want to invest in your eye health.

OWNDAYS vs. Sunnies Specs

Yes, OWNDAYS may be expensive, but you're paying for quality, good after-sales, and a better experience. My first Sunnies Specs frame actually broke less than a day after it was adjusted by their resident Optometrist. Good thing they were quick to replace it. However, some weren't that lucky. Read my Sunnies Specs review here, along with several comments to help you decide.

Another photo of us with our OWNDAYS eyeglasses!

A friendly tip: do invest in OWNDAYS if your eyesight does not rapidly increase (like what happened to me before), because you won't be getting your money's worth if you will need to replace it after just a few months.

Also, invest in anti-blue light lenses if you're like me who is in front of the computer and mobile phones all day. It helps maintain your eye grade and reduce eye strain.

Hope this post helps!


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