EDM artist Matthew Koma Live at Chaos Manila, Philippines 2017

EDM artist Matthew Koma Live at Chaos Manila, Philippines 2017
EDM artist Matthew Koma Live at Chaos Manila, Philippines 2017

So, I don't know if you know him. But if you're a fan of EDM, chances are, you have heard of at least one song with his voice. I'm talking about Matthew Koma, an American singer, songwriter, record producer and DJ. He recently kicked off his 2017 residency at Chaos Manila (ICYMI: I posted the article I wrote for AsiaLive365 here) and exactly after a month, here are more photos I took from the event.

I know it took long, but oldies are still goodies, right? LOL. Anyway, just to give you a background, I super loved Matthew Koma back in 2014 that I even created an 8track playlist about him! I mean, who wouldn't be?? More or less than 3 years ago, his voice was in every hit EDM song like Alesso’s “Years”, Zedd’s “Spectrum”, “Dare You” by Hardwell, "Wasted" by Tiesto, and my favorite: "Cheap Sunglasses" by RAC!

Matthew Koma Live at Chaos Manila Videos:

Matthew Koma Live at Chaos Manila Photos:

The long queue going inside Chaos Manila

We arrived at Chaos Manila around 10:30 pm. We were greeted by local DJ Jet Boado's fresh beats and MC Ronthug.

This event is unlike the others I've gone to. The front act was up until 2 am! IMHO, it was too late, since most main acts at clubs usually start their set by 12 midnight; with 1 am at the latest time. Unfortunately, Matthew Koma appeared at 2 am, despite MC Ronthug's constant hypes.

Matthew Koma started his set with his new song, "Kisses Back". I took a video for a few seconds then I proceeded to take photos na.

After a few live song performances, Koma went on to DJ and play his remixes of popular songs like Justin Bieber's "Company".

I'm telling you, Chaos Manila was a full house! I felt icky after being literally elbows to elbows with sweaty people... Sweat was really everywhere. :(

P.S., Matthew Koma is Hilary Duff's current boyfriend. ;)

Til next event!


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