Gold Girl Kiiara Live at The Palace Pool Club Manila, Philippines 2017

Photo Gallery: Kiiara Live at The Palace Pool Club Manila

It's been a month since Kiiara's performance here in Manila. I previously posted about it here, but scroll through this post for more photos.

The show started at around 11 pm with SM Accessories’ (co-presenter of Kiiara’s recent show in Manila) avant-garde themed Summer fashion show. I also posted about it here.

Kiiara Live at The Palace Pool Club Manila Videos:

Kiiara Live at The Palace Pool Club Manila Photos:

The models walked to Lesha and Elm Wrld’s sick beats, with the duo covering The Chainsmokers and Coldplay’s collaboration, “Something Like This” which the audience happily danced and sang to. MC-ing in between is Nix Damn P.

Then, when the clock hit a little past 1 am, the smoke and flashing lights appeared. The big screen was showing a huge letter ‘k’ in cursive lowercase. It was time.

Kiiara started her set with Tennessee and then went on with all her singles. It was actually surprising as the crowd knows every lyric to each of her songs. The fan favorites were“Tennessee”, “dopemang”, “Feels”, “Intention”, her debut hit “Gold”, and her latest collaboration song with Linkin Park called “Heavy” (using backing vocals).

Her downcast electronic pop music was further intensified by flashing monochromatic lights in various colors and pyrotechnics. For finale? Pyrotechnics with confetti rain as she sang the last few lyrics to “Gold”. Like what the teens and netizens word it, her show was definitely lit!

According to Kiiara, it was her first out of the country performance and that she will definitely remember it. Ditto, Lil Kiwi!

Special thanks to The Palace!


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