The author

Trina is a 20+-year-old yuppie, entrepreneur, and writer. She's a full-time Fashion Buyer/Merchandising Officer by day; a Freelance Researcher and Writer on weekends; and a Part-time Photographer and Contributor for AsiaLive365

A self-confessed go-getter and multi-hobbyist, her interests vary from makeup and beauty, music, movies and TV, concerts and music festivals, books, food, shopping and traveling—if her time and budget permits. 

The blog 

This blog is dedicated to all her hobbies and interests previously stated. Established on 2009 to unleash her free-flowing thoughts on an online platform since she just can't maintain a diary. Since then, this blog has become her haven, online journal and an outlet for things she'd like to share like experiences recommended and reviewed products, places, restaurants or just about anything that may help other people as well.


1. Fashion & Beauty:
  • Fashion - the occasional OOTDs (outfit of the day), tips and tricks and articles
  • Health & Beauty - product reviews, a peek at my lipstick collection, tips, and tricks, etc.
  • Makeup - makeups, tips and tricks, reviews and whatnot
  • Lipstick Collection - take a peek at my lipstick collection!
  • Hair - hair care products, hairstyles and more

2. Entertainment
  • Music - new music, playlists I've curated, new artists to love, news and more!
  • Mixtapes - carefully curated playlists by yours truly
  • Events - photos and videos of events, concerts and music festivals I go to
  • TV - know more about new and my favorite TV Series (American and Korean)
  • Movies - movie reviews, favorite flicks, movies to watch out for and of course, memorable lines!

3. Lifestyle
  • Travel - itineraries, tips and tricks, budget, photos, and videos of our trips!
  • Photography - my world through my lenses
  • Food - recommended places to eat, best sellers of restaurants, tips, etc.
  • Books - book reviews, favorite lines and recommended reads!


I do not own or claim that every content (pictures, quotes, etc.) posted here on my blog is mine unless otherwise stated. If there are contents which you believe are your property and you want it to be removed from this blog, kindly inform me via the Contact Us form found on my blog.

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