Jay Contreras (Kamikazee) - Sarah Abad (sister of Kaye Abad) Black Wedding | A Rockstar Nuptial Like No Other - The Multi-Hobbyist

Jay Contreras (Kamikazee) - Sarah Abad (sister of Kaye Abad) Black Wedding | A Rockstar Nuptial Like No Other

Jay Contreras (Kamikazee) - Sarah Abad (sister of Kaye Abad) Black Wedding | A Rockstar Nuptial Like No Other

Okay so, usually, when we talk about weddings, the color we think of is WHITE. Or maybe even pink, cream, beige, peach, or some other light colors. But BLACK?! Uh oh. Most people disregard the color black as a part of their wedding motif (color). Pano pa kaya kung iyon ang pangunahing kulay sa kasal mo? Weird and freaky to most right?

So let's jump to the place of the wedding. Most people dream of a wedding that's fairy-tale like. One that has castles, crowns, or at least something that will last in your memory for a lifetime. These days, Beach Weddings, Underwater Weddings, and more--are the "in-thing" for weddings. 

Siyempre, gusto nila na maging kakaiba or unique ang kasal nila. Kasal 'yun eh. Sacred. Holy. But wedding in a cemetery?! Gawsh. Black gown pa nga lang sa wedding, kakaiba na sa iba at hindi madaling ayunan ng mga tao.. Eh, kasalan sa sementeryo pa kaya? But it's all about uniqueness, right?

It's Jay Contreras of Kamikazee and a child star before, plus Kaye Abad's sister, Sarah Jane Abad on a very unique wedding last February! The wedding was held at Paco Park Cemetery. Pretty cool huh?

HERE ARE SOME OF THE PHOTOS FROM JAY CONTRERAS - SARAH ABAD WEDDING! For more pictures regarding this morbid wedding, visit this link.

Kamikaze Jay Contreras - Sarah Abad Black Wedding

Jay Contreras - Sarah Abad Wedding
Ceremony: Paco CemeteryWedding Date: February 12, 2009
Edwin Tuyay
Makeup: Madge Lejano
Hair : (Felicity Son + Joel Estrelles of theMakeUpStudio)
Coordinator: Evens Events

Jay Contreras lead vocalist of the band Kamikaze recently tie the knot with the beautiful and former child actress Sarah Abad (Kaye Abad’s sister). Unlike any other wedding ceremony, their wedding is very unique. Here is a glimpse of their wedding.

I find this kind of wedding very unique. Brilliant. Though morbid and kind of creepy for those people who don't appreciate these things, especially the color BLACK. But, it's their wedding so we have no right to tell them what to do on their special day.

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Contreras, I salute you! I salute you for facing the world with a unique wedding, and ignoring them haters! May God bless you and your future family!

Check out more of Jay Contreras and Sarah Abad's wedding here


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