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Life Hacks | Lies You Shouldn't Fall For

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As I was browsing through Twitter, I saw that this is trending on Twitter and poof. There goes my thoughts again.

Here is my list of Lies Which You Shouldn’t Fall For. Whether you’re a boy or a girl.
  • You’re the most important person that matters to me. - The same thing he/she tells the others.
  • I’m serious about you. - If you’re really serious, stop flirting with other boys/girls.
  • You’re the only handsome/beautiful person in my eyes. - LOL. We all know that in this world, there are lots and lots of people who are more pretty or handsome than you do. (Sorry, but that’s the truth)
  • I will always be here for you. I will never leave you. - Meh? C’mon. Stop saying those to another person when you know for yourself you won’t and you can’t.
  • I will never fool you. Trust me. - Do I even have to explain this one? LOL.
  • You’re my only one, I promise. - Then there goes my only two, three, four and counts on…
  • I’m over with my ex, my past. You’re the one I love now. - Yes, he/she loves you now, but not tomorrow, the next day, the following weeks and months to go. Plus the next thing you know, he/she still communicates with his/her ex. Laek, wtf right.
  • I am not like the others. - Next thing you know, he/she’s acting like one.
  • I miss you. - It’s like, I missed you. Oh. You’re there? I’m sorry, didn’t even notice you. LOL. If you do, show and make him/her feel like you do.
And lastly… The number one lie which people always fall for is…


LOL. Like, srsly? How many people have you told these words lately and meant it? The word I love you may consist only of 3 words with 8 letters in it, but this is powerful. It may repair or break a person’s heart. Make or break a person’s day. So be careful of whom you tell these words to. The word “I love you” may be short, but this means a lot. Be sure that you’ll only say these words to the one you love. And when you do, be sure it’s true.
Okay, so I made this list which is based on personal experience, I guess? From my friends and also myself. I am not saying that everyone is like what I’ve been trying to picture out from my list above. It’s just that sometimes, we shouldn’t really believe it. Sometimes, it takes time to believe what a person is trying to say. 

Yes, I have trust issues.