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I guess it's Hayley's words against Farro brothers

I guess it's Hayley's words against Farro brothers
I guess it's Hayley's words against Farro brothers

Been reading Josh Farro's (ex-Paramore guitarist) statement with regards to why he & his bro Zac left the band. Sad. I think I'm on Farro's. Can't help but comment, sorry. I know this may be a sensitive issue to talk about or comment about, but people all have their "comments/reactions" regarding something. But I've read Josh's statement, and I really think that the brothers have a valid reason on why they had to leave the band. I also understand where Josh is coming from, since he spoke up what he really feels towards the band, so yeah. I can see that Josh and his brother is faithful. Whatever their decision is, they let it all up to God.

The brothers left the band they started, which makes me upset. It's also sad that Hayley was the one who announced what the brothers came up with when I really think it should come FIRST from Josh and Zac since they are the ones who made that decision. With what they did, they made the brothers look bad or something related to that word to Paramore fans and others.

I think what had happened was really unfair to Josh and Zac. But oh well. People do change. And sometimes, it's for the better. May God bless them in everything they wish to do and still guide them with their music. I hope the brothers will continue to do good music since it's their passion.

Josh and Zac is a great loss to all fans, but Paramore is still a band tho. So I think, people should all move forward. It may be hard to accept at first, but that's the reality.

I know I may get hateful comments or reactions for speaking about what I had in mind for this topic, but you can't blame me. It's my own opinion and I won't need to know your reaction about this post of mine.

You too, might wanna read about Hayley's side of the story as well as Josh and Zac's side and you decide.